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Proper noun is a special name for a person, place, organization, day, month and so on. It is written / spelled with the beginning of uppercase letters.

Look at the following examples,

Common Noun Proper Noun
People John, George, Juliet
Places Downing Street, Sahara Desert
Things Financial Times
Organizations United Nations,
International Labor Organization,
Red Brigades
Animals King Kong, Lassie
Days Saturday, Sunday
Months April, May, June

We can treat Proper noun.

For example, a person’s name, just take it as an example of John. Maybe, initially some of you consider that the plural of people’s names is strange, i.e. suppose there are two people named John in one class. So actually we can make it Johns.

Examples of sentences are:

There are two Johns in my class.
(there are two Johns in my class )

We can also add “the”, “an”, or “a” to proper noun under certain conditions. Suppose you are a resident of London. According to your observation, London in the past was still very quiet. However, now you see that London is crowded or not quiet anymore. That means there are two London, namely London past, and London today. Then you conclude that the current London is no longer the London you occupied first. Examples of sentences are:
This is the longer the London I used to live in.
(this is no longer London that I used to live in)

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Proper Nouns List

Here is the list of some proper nouns, highlighted against common nouns.

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Teacher Mr. Johnson
Student Alisa, Elizabeth,
Holidays New Year’s Day,
Martin Luther King Day.
Newspapers the Daily Telegraph,
the Wall Street Journal
City Tokyo, Austin, Boston
Countries Japan, Austria, Norway
States New Jersey, California
Banks Corporation Bank,
People’s Bank of China
Hotels Sheza Inn,
Hotel Executive House
Restaurants Party Foul, Life of Pie
Organizations United Nations,
World Health Organization
Parks National Park,
Shah Shams Park
Places Fifth Avenue,
Fiji Islands
Continents Africa, Australia,
Asia, North America
Oceans Caspian Sea,
North Sea, Read Sea
Proper Nouns
Proper Noun List

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