Principle: Definition, Meaning, Usage In Sentences, Synonyms

Principle Definition

A “principle” is like a big rule that helps you know what’s right or wrong. It’s a basic idea that helps you make good choices and do the right thing. For example, being kind to others is a principle that helps you treat people nicely. It’s like a guide for how you should act and make decisions.

Principle Meaning

A “principle” is a fundamental truth or guideline that serves as the foundation for beliefs, actions, or behavior. It’s a basic rule or value that helps people make decisions and guide their actions.

Principles are often considered to be morally or ethically important and are used to shape one’s conduct in various situations. In essence, principles are the core ideas that guide how people live their lives and interact with others.

Usage In Sentences

  1. Honesty is an important principle that guides how I deal with others in both my personal and professional life.
  2. The company was founded on the principle of putting customers’ needs first, which has earned them a loyal customer base.
  3. One of the guiding principles of this school is to promote a culture of respect and inclusivity among students.
  4. She refused to compromise her principles, even when faced with a tempting offer that went against her values.
  5. The scientist followed the principle of thorough experimentation to ensure accurate and reliable results.


  1. Rule
  2. Guideline
  3. Tenet
  4. Doctrine
  5. Belief
  6. Philosophy
  7. Value
  8. Maxim
  9. Ethic
  10. Standard

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