Present Perfect Tense (Examples, Exercise and Usage)

Present perfect tense expresses the completion of the action or task of the present. For example, I have taken two doses of medicine.

Signal Words

Structure / Formula

Subject + has/have + Past participle (v3)

Subject (He/she/it)hasPast participle(V3)
Subject (I/We/They)havePast participle(V3)
example of present perfect tense

Positive Sentences

To make the positive sentences, we use this structure,

Subject + has/have + Past participle (V3)

Examples of positive sentences

  • Julia has made a sponge cake.
  • He has gone to the hill station.

Negative Sentences

We add ‘not’ after auxiliary verb to make the sentence negative.

Subject + has/have + not + Past participle (V3)

Examples of negative sentences.

  • Julia has not made a sponge cake.
  • He has not gone to the hill station.

Question Sentences

To make the question, auxiliary verb come at the start of the sentence and question mark at the end.

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Has/have + subject + Past participle (V3) + ?

Examples of question sentences.

  • Has Julia made a sponge cake?
  • Has he gone to the hill station?


How long?have been at work for
six hours.
The work that has recently been completed.He has just
cooked the meal.
Time period that has not finished.She has drunk two cups of tea today.
To describe the specific moment of time.We have lived in this house
since 2015.
example of present perfect tense
Present perfect tense
present perfect tense

Example Sentences (present perfect tense example)

  • The laborer has pushed the cart.
  • She has kneaded the flour.
  • have traveled to Rome.
  • He has spent all his money.
  • have taken the examination this month.
  • John has written an essay on education.
  • Peter has rescued the cat.
  • He has read his favorite book.
  • The police have caught the thief.
  • They have played badminton.
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Passive Voice

Usually, passive voice of present perfect tense is made when the subject is not known. For example,

  • Flowers have been plucked. (affirmative)
  • Flowers have not been plucked. (negative)
  • Have the flowers been plucked? (question)

Structure of passive voice sentences,

Object + has/have + been + Verb(v3)

Exercises (present perfect tense formula)

  1. _____ he ___________ the flowers? (pluck)
  2. Jami __________ with the guitar. (play)
  3. Anu _________ the flour. (knead)
  4. The laborer _________ the carriage. (push)
  5. We _____ not _________ the ruinations. (sketch)
  6. I _________ an interesting essay. (write)
  7. ________ you ________ holidays on the beach? (spend)
  8. _______ our leaders ________ for the prosperity of our country? (work)
  9. He ______ not _______ the M.A. Examination this year. (take)
  10. I _________ my clothes. (iron)
  11. The doctor _________ the pulse of the patient. (feel)
  12. Jamid ________ on a foreign tour. (go)
  13. He _____ not ________ the birds. (shoot)
  14. They _________ the tea. (take)
  15. Shiza _________ the dose of medicine. (take)

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  1. Has he plucked the flowers?
  2. Jami has played with the guitar.
  3. Anu has kneaded the flour.
  4. The laborer has pushed the carriage.
  5. We have not sketched the ruinations.
  6. have written an interesting essay.
  7. Have you spent holidays on the beach?
  8. Have our leaders worked for the prosperity of our country?
  9. He has not taken the M.A. Examination this year.
  10. have ironed my clothes.
  11. The doctor has felt the pulse of the patient.
  12. Jamid has gone on a foreign tour.
  13. He has not shot the birds.
  14. They have taken the tea.
  15. Shiza has taken the dose of medicine.
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