Present Perfect Tense:-Definition, Examples, Formula & Rules

The present perfect tense is a combination of the present tense with the perfect aspect. It’s used to describe an event from the past that has current consequences. This tense can be used to link the past and present. It is often used in daily conversations, radio news and letters.

Formula of Present Perfect Tense:-

The helping verbs are Have/has Can be used in conjunction with verb It is also known as in past participle Form, to indicate the completion of an action in a current situation.

“Has”Can be used with the second person asIt, she, he Accordingly.

And“Have”Both the first and third persons can use the same methodYou, I, We, They Accordingly.

Sentence Structure & Rules:-

Examples of Present Prefect:-

  • He has completed the mission. (positive) 
  • He has not completed the mission. (negative)
  • Has he completed the mission? (yes/no)
  • Where has he completed the mission? (wh-type)

Using Present Perfect Tense:-

You will need to combine the present tense and past participle of the main sentence in order to create the perfect tense for any verb. The base word plus the -ed is the past participle for a regular verb. 

This tense can be illustrated by “have jumped.” “Have” refers to the present tense, while “jumped” refers to the past participle. Other forms of this tense include:

  • Has lived: She lived here her entire life.
  • Have written: They’ve already written three letters.
  • Worked: Since I graduated from high school, I have worked at this company.
  • Is done: He is done with his homework.
  • We’ve been to Canada.
  • Is now lost: She has misplaced her folder.
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The present perfect tense is used in many situations. These are some examples of how you can use it:

  • A term used to describe an action that is repeated from the past to the present. Example: We’ve been to the beach numerous times.
  • A description of an action that began in the past and continues in the future. Example: I’ve lived in the United States for over 20 years.
  • A description of an action that is not completed. Example: It has rained quite a lot this month.
  • A description of an act that has been completed in the past. Example: I just completed my internship at the museum.
  • A description of an action in which time is not important. Example: She lost her wedding ring.

Sometimes, the present perfect tense cannot be used. It is not possible to use it with certain expressions of time that are already completed, like last year, this month, when I was a child, etc.


1.My brother has already made a coffee.

2.It hasn’t drunk the water.

3.I have seen that movie. haven’t received any message since we were retired.

5.They haven’t gone to the shopping center.

6.Have they played the piano? No, they haven’t.

7.I have known Michael since high school.

8.My baby has slept since all night.

9.I have never been to Texas.

10.They have bought a new car.

11.I have studied at garden for one hour.

12.There has been an accident.

13.People have not traveled to Venus.

14.Alex has studied two foreign languages.

15.She has learned to speak Spanish.

16.She has gone to the library.

17.You have not gone home.

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18.They haven’t lived here for years.

19.where have I left my wallet?

20.My brother has lost the key to the bathroom.

21.He has never eaten these pizzas.

22.Scientists have split the atom.

23.Have you ever stayed in a hotel?

24.Why has she said like that?

25.My dogs have not eaten anything.

26.Tom isn’t at school. I think he has gone
to the theater.

27.The hens have laid plenty of eggs.

28.They have had many cars since I can remember.

29.I have been to London.

30.He has entered in a restaurant.

31.How long have you lived in this city?

32.They have stayed in the pool since at 9 o’clock.

33.Have you ever played basketball?

34.Have you ever met Michael?

35.The baby has broken the glass.

36.Have you been to this place before?

37.I have answered 20 questions so far.

38.They have bought Laptops

39.She has written four letters.

40.We’ve already had our breakfast.

41. Sansa and Cersei have known each other
since they were at primary school.

42.My mother has just finished the cake.

43.We have asked too many questions.

44.The banana has not turned brown yet.

45.My father has worked in Austin for a long time.

46.I have put the money on the table.

47.She hasn’t slept since yesterday.

48. My brother has been sick since Friday.

49. I have eaten breakfast.

50. He has already go.

The Importance and Value of Present Perfect Tense:-

When talking about past experiences, changes or situations that occurred in the past and are still ongoing today, the present perfect tense will be used. This tense is an essential part of English grammar because it shows that past actions and events have an effect on the current situation.

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