Pre Matric Scholarship Application Form PDF

Use the link at the bottom to download the Pre Matric Scholarship Application Form PDF.

Pre-Matric Scholarship Application Form

This is the Pre Matric Scholarship Application form for Minority Communities, which was issued by the Concerned Authority. You can get it from them or download it from the link below.

scholarship form pdf

Details to be included in the Pre Matric Scholarship Application Formula

  • Applicant Details
  • State/UT of Domicile
  • Address
  • Nationality
  • Information about educational qualifications
  • Details about the course for which scholarships are sought
  • Also, any other information

Pre-matric scholarship will encourage parents of minority communities to send their children to school. It will also help to reduce their financial burden and support their efforts to ensure their children complete their education. This scheme will provide the foundation for their education and a level playing field in competitive employment. This scheme has the potential of empowering the minorities through education.Page No. Page 2 of Pre Matric Scholarship Application PDF

Criteria for Pre-matric Scholarship Program

  1. Students who score at least 50% in their previous final examination will be eligible for the scholarship.
  2. Their annual income from all sources is not more than Rs 1 lakh.
  3. It is important to give preference to minorities as the available scholarships for them are limited.
  4. This scholarship will give preference to poverty over marks.
  5. The renewal applications would have to be exhausted before new applications can be considered.

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Conditions for Pre-matric Scholarship

  • Students from minority communities who are studying in Classes I-X will be eligible for the scholarship. You must score at least 50% in the previous examination to continue the award. Hostellers and day scholars will receive maintenance allowance.
  • If a student fails the annual exam, the award will be canceled.
  • A family cannot have more than two recipients of the scholarship.
  • Regular attendance is required by students. The school’s competent authority will decide what the yardstick means.
  • An income certificate should be self-certified by self-certification using an affidavit made on non-judicial stamp papers for self-employed parents/guardians, and from the employer for employed parents/guardians.
  • The school/institute will receive the tuition fee/course fee credit to their bank account. It will be possible to transfer it electronically via the banks.
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Documents are required

  • Formulation
  • Income Certificate
  • Photo ID
  • Student self-declaration of minority community certificate
  • Copy of previous academic mark sheet that can be self-attested.
  • Copy of Aadhar enrollment/Aadhar card

Pre-matric Scholarship – Amount/Rate

Financial assistance will only be available to pay tuition fees, maintenance allowances and admission fees. The maximum amount that can be used for each item is determined. These are the details for the pre-metric scholarship amount

ArticleScholarship Rate
Rate of Scholarship Admission + Tuition FeeAdmission fees for Classes VI-X are Rs 500 annum. Subject to actuals (Both day scholar & hostesteller).
The tuition fees for classes VI-X are Rs 350 per month, subject to actuals (both Day Scholar and Hosteller).
Maintenance AllowanceClass I-V*: Rs 100 per month for Day Scholar
For Class VI-X*, Rs 600/month Hosteller and Rs 100/month Day Scholar
pre matric scholarship form pdf
scholarship form pdf download

Scheme Details

Parents from minority communities will be encouraged to send their children to school by pre-matric scholarships. This will help them to lower their financial burden as well as support their education. This will help them to get a solid foundation and provide an opportunity for competitive employment. This scheme could empower minorities by providing education.

Pre-Matric Scholarships for Minority Community Students

  1. Objective
  2. The Scheme is Covered
  3. Distribution
    1. For girl students
  4. Eligibility
  5. Conditions for Scholarship
  6. Scholarship Duration and Amount
  7. Renewal of Scholarship
  8. Apply Procedure


Pre-matric scholarship will encourage parents of minority communities to send their children to school. It will also help to reduce their financial burden and support their efforts to ensure their children complete their education. This scheme has the potential for empowerment through education to improve the socio-economic conditions of minority communities.

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The Scheme is Covered

The scholarship will be used to study in India at a private or government school.From class I to classX, including eligible private institutes and residential Government institutesThe concerned State Government and Union Territory Administration will notify the selected individuals in a transparent way.


Sikhs and Christians, Buddhists, Jain, Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists and Zoroastrians have been designated minority communities by the National Commission for Minorities Act 1992, Section 2 (c). Thirty-five lakh scholarships will be available as ‘Fresh Scholarships’ and Renewal scholarships. The distribution of scholarships among States/Union Territories is based on the number of minorities living in those States/Union Territories, as well as the Census 2001 data for 2017-18.

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For girl students

30% of the scholarship will go to girl students. If there aren’t enough eligible girls, the remainder of the scholarships could be given to boys.


Students who score at least 50% in their final examinations and whose parents/guardians have an annual income not exceeding Rs. 1 lakh will be eligible for scholarship. 1 Lakh

minority scholarship form download

Conditions for Scholarship

  1. Students from minority communities will be eligible for scholarship when they study in Classes I through X.
  2. For parent/guardian students, an Income Certificate issued by a Competent Authority in the State/UT governments is required.
  3. If the student is over 18 years old, a Self-Certified Community Certificate must be obtained. The Community Certificate must be certified by the parent/guardian for all other students.
  4. For Renewal applicants, the continuation of an award will only be granted if you have attained 50% in the previous year’s examination.
  5. Hostelling and day scholars will receive maintenance allowance.
  6. Two students will be granted scholarship (applicable to all Scholarship Schemes for Minorities under this Ministry).
  7. Regular attendance is required by students. The school’s competent authority will decide what the yardstick means.
  8. The school/institute will verify that the student is an outstation student and not living in the hostel. This is done on the basis of permanent residence and the address of parents.
  9. Normally, student migration from one school/institute into another is not allowed during an academic year. However, it may be done in exceptional circumstances or for the benefit of the student’s academic career.
  10. Scholarships may be cancelled or suspended if a student is found to have violated any terms or conditions of the scholarship. If the State Government/Union Territory Administration is satisfied that the reason for the violation was justified, they can cancel the award.
  11. False statements by students will result in the cancellation of their scholarship and the recovery of any scholarship amount.
  12. Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT), will credit the student’s bank account with the course/tuition fees as well as maintenance allowance.
  13. Students who are enrolled in this scheme will not be permitted to use any other benefits.
  14. One scholarship per student is allowed, i.e. SC/ST/OBC.
  15. Eligible applicants will need to submit their Aadhaar number when applying for the scholarship. In case an applicant does not have Aadhaar, they can provide details of other identification documents as per the Gazette Notification – S.O. No. 1284 (E). No. 1137, 21.04.2017.
  16. The Ministry or any other designated agency will evaluate the scheme at regular intervals. The Ministry of Minority Affairs will pay the cost of the evaluation under the provisions of the scheme.
  17. All relevant information regarding financial and physical achievements shall be posted by the State/Union Territory on their website.
  18. These regulations may be modified at any time by the Government of India.
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