Praise: Meaning, Definition, Examples, Usage In Sentences

Praise Definition

“Praise” means saying good things about someone or something to make them feel happy and proud. It’s like giving a thumbs-up or saying “good job!” to show that you like and appreciate what they did.

Praise Meaning

“Praise” is a term that refers to expressing admiration, approval, or positive feedback towards someone or something. It involves acknowledging and highlighting the qualities, achievements, actions, or attributes of an individual, group, idea, object, or work.

Praise can take various forms, such as verbal compliments, written commendations, applause, recognition, and other gestures that communicate a sense of respect, appreciation, and support. It is often used to uplift and motivate individuals, boost their self-esteem, and foster a positive atmosphere in relationships, workplaces, and communities.


  1. Person: “You did a fantastic job on your school project!”
  2. Artwork: “Your drawing is amazing! I love the colors you used.”
  3. Sports: “You played really well in the game today. Your teamwork was excellent.”
  4. Cooking: “This meal you made is delicious! You’re a great cook.”
  5. Work: “Your presentation was well-prepared and clear. You’re really good at explaining things.”
  6. Friendship: “You’re always there for your friends. That’s one of the things I like about you.”
  7. Effort: “I can see you worked really hard on this. Your effort shows.”

Praise Usage In Sentences

  1. She received a lot of praise for her beautiful singing at the talent show.
  2. The teacher praised him for solving the difficult math problem correctly.
  3. The boss gave a speech to praise the team’s hard work on the successful project.
  4. His parents were quick to praise his good manners and respectful behavior.
  5. The book received glowing praise from both readers and critics.
  6. The coach praised the players for their determination and dedication during training.
  7. Sarah’s artwork was praised for its creativity and attention to detail.
  8. The mayor praised the volunteers for their contributions to the community clean-up event.
  9. The company’s innovative approach to sustainability earned it praise in the industry.
  10. The principal praised the students for their outstanding academic achievements at the school assembly.

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