PPP full form | What is the full form of PPP?

PPP: Public Private Partnership, Power Point Presentation, Purchasing Power Parity

It is a very famous acronym whose full form is very famous, some of which are as follows.

PPP- Public Private Partnership

As the name suggests, this public means refers to the partnership between a government company and a private company. For any project necessary for the country, when the government feels that it does not have the necessary money, efficiency and skilled manpower for that work, then it partners with a private firm, which There is an expert in doing this work.

You can understand it in simple words that it is a partnership between the public sector and the private sector in funding, designing and developing infrastructure facilities.

5 potential positive impacts of Public Private Partnerships | ETF

This is a time bound partnership, in which a private company enters into the work of the public sector, the purpose of this partnership is to benefit the people quickly.

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Usually this type of partnership happens when the government has to build a road, bridge, college, airport, power plant etc.

Need for PPP (Public-Private Partnership)

Public Private Partnership is very good for both any government and its people, as well as it is good for the company which is involved in this partnership.

This partnership guarantees the government that any project will be completed well, and that the government can focus its attention on other important issues.

Many times it happens that when the government feels, that it is not able to do any work efficiently, and it is getting loss in that work.
So she looks for some such private company, which is doing the same work properly and profitably.

For example,
let us assume that the government needs to build a bridge over a river, but it does not have the necessary infrastructure, man power and money.
Now if the government itself arranges infrastructure, manpower and money, then it may take a lot of time, and people may have to cross that river without a bridge for a long time,
Due to which there will be a negative impact on the development of that entire area.

Now if the government makes partnership with a private company, which has the necessary infrastructure, skilled manpower and money for the construction of the bridge, then this work will be done quickly and efficiently.

After the construction of the bridge, that private company will collect a fee from the passengers passing through that

Public-Private Partnerships for Infrastructure Development in Africa: The  Need for Human Rights-Focused Regulation | Heinrich Böll Stiftung

bridge, part of which will also be given to the government.

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PPP (Public-Private Partnership) in the following areas-

  • power projects
  • Water
  • Transport
  • Education
  • Health care
  • Benefits of PPP (Public-Private Partnership)
  • Any project gets completed quickly and professionally
  • Most of the risk is borne by the private firm
  • Government gets better returns on investment
  • PPP – Powerpoint Presentation
  • PowerPoint is a slideshow presentation program from Microsoft.

Using PowerPoint we can easily create, and present our ideas in a dynamic way.

A PowerPoint presentation was created by Robert Gaskins and Dennis Austin at a software company in the US on April 20, 1987.

A few months later Microsoft bought it for $14 million.

Today, PowerPoint presentations are used around the world to deliver any type of presentation.

It is very easy to use, and when we create a presentation using it, it is so powerful visually, that the viewer easily understands.

Windows, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word are other famous products of Microsoft company itself.

PPP – Purchasing Power Parity

Through purchasing power parity, we can compare the economic productivity and standard of living of any 2 countries.

PPP stands for Purchasing Power Parity It is an economic theory that compares two-country currencies using goods.

We can compare two incomes between two countries using purchasing power parity.

Municipal Water Systems Turn to Public-Private Partnerships

Some other famous full forms of PPP

PPP – People’s Party of Pakistan – a political party in Pakistan

PPP – People’s Progressive Party – a left-wing political party in Guyana.

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