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Definition of Polynomial

Polynomial is an expression constructed on variables (additionally referred to as indeterminates) and coefficients. It includes operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and solely non-negative integer exponents of variables. A easy instance of polynomial is 2x – 5x + 2. This equation has solely single indeterminate ‘x’.  These expressions may be reworked from one to the opposite by means of making use of common properties like commutative property, associative property and distributive property of addition and multiplication.

Polynomials seem in a varied areas of arithmetic. For instance, they’re used to type polynomial equations, which encode a variety of issues, from easy to sophisticated issues in arithmetic; they’re used to outline polynomial features, utilized in calculus and numerical evaluation to approximate the opposite features. Upfront type these are additionally used to assemble polynomial rings and algebraic varieties, central ideas in algebra and algebraic geometry.

As it’s evident from the title Polynomial,  poly- means “many” and -nomial means “time period”). We will say it many phrases like instance given beneath:

constants (like 5, −5, or ½)
variables (like x, y, and z)
exponents (like 2 in x2), however solely 0, 1, 2, 3, … and so forth are allowed and no detrimental quantity is allowed.

These phrases may be mixed by means of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division however by no means division by variable.

Polynomial or not?

  • 4xz-2 isn’t, as a result of the exponent is “-2” (exponents can solely be 0,1,2,…)
  • 2/(x+1) isn’t, as a result of dividing by a variable isn’t allowed
  • 5/x isn’t both
  • √x isn’t, as a result of the exponent is “½”
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Phrases in Polynomials

Polynomials can have as many as phrases as required by these can’t be infinite.


Polynomial with one time period


Polynomial with two phrases


Polynomial with three phrases


Polynomial with 4 phrases


Polynomial with 5 phrases


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