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PHC : Primary Health Center

Full form of PHC (PHC) | What is the meaning of Primary Health Center?

The full form of PHC is Primary Health Center
which is also called Public Health Centre. These primary health centers are owned by the state governments for rural health care facilities in India because there are not enough primary health care facilities in the village area which is a major part of the Indian population.

Primary health care

These public health centers are part of government funded public health systems in India. This government-owned and funded PHC is the most basic unit of the public health system. At present there are more than 20000 Public Health Centers in India. These PHCs are single physical clinics that normally provide facilities for minor surgeries.

PHC’s focus

Public health centers in India mainly focus on routine medical treatment. These are some of the major concentrations of PHCs in India –

birth control program

PHCs are responsible for spreading services under the National Birth Control Program and administering sterilization surgeries such as tubectomy and vasectomy. These services are fully subsidized by the PHC.

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infant vaccination program

The infant vaccination service is also fully subsidized by the PHC. Under the National Immunization Program PHC vaccinates new born babies.

pregnancy and related care

PHC primarily focuses on pregnancy and childbirth medical care in rural India. This is because people in rural India are unaware of approaching doctors for pregnancy care. This can result in the death of the newborn.

epidemic prevention program

The PHC serves as the primary epidemic diagnosis and control centre. Whenever a local epidemic breaks out, PHC doctors are trained to diagnose.


Public health centers often store medicines for medical emergencies like rabies vaccination etc. as such emergencies are common in rural areas.

PHC function

The Government of India attempted to expand the primary health centers in the country through PHCs. These PHCs work on the eight elements of primary health care outlined in the Alma-Ata Declaration. Here are the functions of these eight elements or PHC –

  • Collection and reporting of vital statistics
  • provision of medical care
  • education about health
  • maternal-child health including family planning
  • Prevention and control of locally endemic diseases
  • health assistant training
  • national health program
  • health workers training
  • referral services
  • basic lab worker
  • training of health guides,
  • Safe water supply and basic sanitation


What is CHS and PHC?

PHC stands for Primary Health Center while CHS stands for Community Health Center which is a referral center for every four PHCs with a population of 80000 more than 1 lakh.

What is PHC Hospital?

PHC hospitals are providing essential health services and products that are essential to prevent disease and promote health, manage disease. These are hospitals that cover almost 80 percent of a person’s health needs in a lifetime. .

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What is the job of PHC?

Primary Health Care works for equity, health promotion, community participation, disease prevention, appropriate health technology and a multi-pronged approach to medical care.

Nongur Primary Health Centre inaugurated in Shillong - Sentinelassam
Who is in charge of PHC?

The Medical Officer is appointed to administer and operate the Primary Health Care Centres. These medical officers should have MBBS degree. In PHC these medical specialist officers work as administrators.

Why is PHC important?

Primary health care is important in any field especially in the rural area of ​​India. Major population of India lives in villages but they are unaware of medical facilities. These PHCs are vital for providing all basic medical and health related needs to the public.

It is based on practical, socially and scientifically accepted methods and technology. These methods are universally accessible to individuals and families.

What are the components of PHC?

These are the main three important components of Primary Health Care –

  • PHC empowers individuals, communities and families to take care of their health.
  • PHC meets all the health related needs of people throughout their life.
  • PHC addresses and proactively addresses broad determinants of health through multisector policy

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