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Full FormCategoryTerm
Payments to GuestGeneralPG
Papua New GuineaCountry namesPG
Physical GeographyEducation DegreePG
Plant GeneticsEducation DegreePG
Post-graduateEducation DegreePG
Post GraduateEducation DegreePG
Processing GroupNetworkingPG
Ibm Linkway Page Cut/paste FileType of filePG
Permanent GroupType of filePG
Pesa GuideSoftwarePG
PERGAONIndian Railway StationPG
Propylene GlycolChemistryPG
Pass GapElectronicsPG
Programmable GainElectronicsPG
Polarization GateElectronicsPG
Proportional GainElectronicsPG
Please goMessagingPG
Very GoodMessagingPG
Profanity GuaranteedMessagingPG
Pretty GrossMessagingPG
Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati, Ohio; Powdered/liquid detergent manufacturer. Marketed World Wide for Over A Century:MessagingPG
Power GenerationSpace SciencePG
Pressure GageSpace SciencePG
PackageMeasurement UnitPG
PicogramMeasurement UnitPG
Piano GodJob TitlePG
Professional GeologistJob TitlePG
Persian GulfSpecific to the CountryPG
Prince GeorgeSpecific to the CountryPG
Puerto Galera, The PhilippinesEarth SciencePG
Point GuardSportsPG
Platinum GamersSportsPG
Proficiency GoldSportsPG
Guide for the PlayerSportsPG
Pounding GuardSportsPG
Packing GroupMilitary and DefencePG
Panzerrohr GewindeMilitary and DefencePG
Prisonnier De Guerre (prisoner in War)Military and DefencePG
Performance GradeMilitary and DefencePG
Pistol Grips for MarinesMilitary and DefencePG
Pursuit GroupMilitary and DefencePG
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TheFull form of PG: Post Graduate. MD is a PG degree in medicine. MD is an acronym for Doctor of Medicine. It is a 3-year PG degree that allows you to study medicine after completing MBBS. After three years of training in non-surgical subjects, this PG degree can be earned. 

MD is a Post Graduation degree (PG), so applicants should have MBBS degrees to apply for this program. MD-certified doctors can find jobs in the public and private sectors. 

MD-holders can also apply for jobs in the government sector. Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), which conducts many exams each year, is responsible for hiring these doctors in different government agencies. They may also be able to find work in the private sector, such as hospitals. They also get a better salary package at these hospitals. 

The Medical Council of India approves a variety of MD degrees: Anesthesiology (Male), Bio-Chemistry and Bio-Physics; Community Medicine, Dermatology and Leprosy.

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