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Chetan Bhagat: One Indian Girl

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Book Review: One Indian Girl by Chetan Bhagat

If you are a voracious reader and have a sense of geek-vanity you will claim to hate Chetan Bhagat. Even though I end up reading his books, I also do this.

I was so excited to get his latest book “One Indian Girl” (a. It was very cheap. b. I wanted it to be read before I critiqued it. However, I wasn’t sure if it would be possible for me to finish it without becoming annoyed by it. It was so good that I read it in two days, and then ended up asking for more.

Radhika Mehta is a successful I-Banker who struggles to find the right balance between love and work in the men’s world. She was raised believing that her over-education and wheatish skin made her men-repellent. However, she soon meets incredible men who prove her wrong. They end up being influenced by their male chauvinistic mentality, which says a girl can’t have it all. She will have to make tough decisions in order to be with them.

Radhika, throughout the book, is constantly running around trying to manage everything: her high-achieving career, her messy love life, and her obsession with her mother’s marriage. She is like every Indian girl in 2016, independent and ambitious. She wants to be with a man who will not ask her to choose. She doesn’t think that her career is more important than her family, or vice versa. It’s because she knows she can handle it all when it comes.

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Strangely, Radhika was me. I laughed with her, cried alongside her, felt angry with her, and felt helpless for her. It is exhausting to be a 25-year-old earning a living in big cities. You put on a brave face and go to work every day. It can take a lot from you when life throws you curve balls like heartbreaks or the pressure of an arranged marriage. You pretend it’s just another fight with your mom and move on. Radhika knows that life is difficult. You fight like a warrior, making it seem like there were no casualties (even though you did die a few times).

Chetal Bhagat did an admirable job with ‘One Indian Girl‘. It was amazing to see how he captured the essence of an Indian girl today and made it relatable through Radhika. He was able to show the insecurities and inhibitions of an Indian man in 2016. It has less to do about a woman’s beauty than it does with her brain. The book was enjoyable and a pleasant weekend read, even though I found the synopsis to be unconvincing. Kudos!

This book is for girls. It will make you realize that you are the real deal. Do not settle for less.

Guys, get to know the person you’re dealing with by reading this book. It is important to be mature enough to accept it.

A book without feminist men and no feminist women

The polarizing book One Indian girl by Chetan Bhagat is highly regarded. Either they want to throw it away or they giggle at the sales figures and talk about “publishing revolution”, “new breeds of readers” and “publishing revolution”. Yes, Chetan Bhagat revolutionized the Indian (English-language) publishing industry once by advocating for the aspirations and needs of a generation. This is not the same book. The brand is selling this book,. People buy brands for many different reasons. Lakhs and thousands of people will line up to get tickets for the first-day premiere of a film by a star. Is this film any good? It might be, but it may not. They’re there to see their star film and not because they think it’s good. Bhagat’s book is an example of this: Res. gives away books for free, so sales numbers are not important. 1. In the first week after its launch.

One Indian Girl is a plot that reads like a color-by-numbers exercise manual on Bollywood scriptwriting — a Punjabi wedding? You can check. Check. Comedy sequence featuring bumbling aunties Check. Check. You can check. Are there locations in London, Hong Kong, and New York? Check, check, check. The central premise of the novel is no less formulaic: An immensely successful woman has to choose between three brainless-but-adorable men. The first is a self-confessed bore who loves Bollywood and cricket. The second is a Bengali communist who has an unfortunate penchant to use the term “baby”. The third man is an older, but highly desirable, man. Radhika Mehta, a successful, stylish, and kind woman, would choose to marry any of these three insane men. She could only have fallen in love with them because she is so insecure she cannot believe they chose to. Low self-esteem women do bizarre things. I’m sure there are many high-achieving women who feel betrayed by men who don’t deserve their attention. We don’t have the right to tell Radhika what she should feel. The problem is that Bhagat doesn’t explain why she feels so attached to men who are not worthy of her attention. He assumes it’s normal for smart, successful women to fall in love with jerks.

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Let’s face it. One Indian Girl has never intended to be a feminist novel. Bhagat’s politics may be closer to the one of Brijesh Gulati, his character: “I believe all human beings should enjoy equal rights. It’s not women versus men, but humans versus humans. Feminist is an incorrect term. It should be humanist.” That’s also the conclusion Radhika Bhagat, Bhagat’s protagonist draws after her moment of self-actualization. “Everything doesn’t need hi-fi labels such as feminism. She says “Just logic” and they both smile as they disappear into the sunset. They are content with their mutual rationality, dismissing a 300 year-old, fierce history of a sociopolitical movement. Does every story that is told from a woman’s perspective have to be feminist? It doesn’t seem so. The problem is that Bhagat lost the plot, and instead of writing a book “from the point of view of a girl”, it became a book about “the problems women face”.

Bravo to Bhagat for tackling a variety of issues, including the constant undermining and the choice between work or home, and the obsession with fair skin. These sections are the best — many readers have come forward to relate to Radhika’s story. Bhagat’s attempt to include each woman he interviewed ends up creating cacophony. The mother is responsible for all the evils in the world. She is obsessive about her daughter’s marriage and ashamed of her daughter’s skin color. She is also the voice of a society that continually undermines women’s achievements. Radhika’s sister is equally naive: She is self-centered, doesn’t care about anything but her appearance, and doesn’t have a life outside of her marriage.

Bhagat doesn’t just treat women unkindly. Radhika’s lovers are like cardboard cutouts who exist to make Radhika’s life difficult. One man asks Radhika to choose children over her career. The other asks her to choose her career over her kids. They are perfect mirror images of one another. Bhagat tries to incite sympathy but ends up having the opposite effect. This is the reality for women! Take action! Now !”!! It’s almost as if you’re being hit on your head with a rubber mallet emblazoned by the words “WOMEN’S PROBLEMS” four times.

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But there is a core of gold. This is the story of a woman’s struggle against insecurity. Insecurity stems from her upbringing in an unjust society. Radhika’s inner critic, her “mini me”, that tells Radhika what a woman should do or not do, is the only way she can find happiness. This message is important, but you have to dig through layers of nonsense in order to see it. Radhika spends too much time judging women and seeking validation from her male colleagues and lovers. She offers to quit her job at one point to satisfy her boyfriend’s ego. She says that she was willing to be his girl. With the same tenacity that Tamil heroes stalk heroines, she stalks her exes. After her moment of self-actualisation, Radhika embarks on a round the world trip, where she finds a Zen-like state and calm. What does Radhika do next? Radhika has arranged a romantic date for coffee with Brijesh Gulati, a “humanist not feminist” Brijesh Gulati whom she had rejected two months earlier. Is this what Bhagat would offer if he was actually trying to write a feminist novel? Do you want to date a humanist

Radhika lives with her sister and mother in a world entirely populated by men. Other female characters include a secretary and a flight attendant. These characters never have meaningful conversations about anything. Bhagat’s world is not filled with responsible feminist men. The same goes for responsible feminist women.

One Indian girl was meant to represent the modern Indian woman. It is instead about an extremely unlikeable woman with a life that can be best described as aspirational. The title is accurate. It is about one Indian girl.

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