Odd: Meaning, Definition, And Usage In English Sentences

Definition Of Odd

Odd is a versatile word that can have different meanings. It can be described as something strange or unexpected. When it is talked about numbers, it means that we can’t share equally. It is sometimes used to describe a person in terms of behavior when he/she behaves strange or weirdly, which is said to be ‘odd’ behavior.

Meaning Of Odd

  1. Strange or Unusual: This is the most common meaning of “odd.” It refers to something that is different from what is expected, normal, or common. It can describe something that is peculiar, out of the ordinary, or quirky. Example: The old bookstore had an odd smell that reminded me of my grandmother’s attic.
  2. Not Even: “Odd” can also refer to numbers that are not divisible evenly by 2. In this sense, odd numbers are those that leave a remainder of 1 when divided by 2. Example: The street addresses on the left side of the road are all even, while the ones on the right are all odd.
  3. Unpaired or Leftover: It can be used to describe something that is not part of a matching pair or set. Example: There was an odd sock left in the laundry that didn’t have a match.
  4. Occasional or Infrequent: “Odd” can also mean occurring irregularly or infrequently.Example: He has an odd habit of humming to himself while working.

Odd: Usage In Sentences

  1. The old house had an odd smell that no one could identify.
  2. She had an odd way of humming to herself while working.
  3. The book had a lot of odd facts and interesting stories.
  4. I found an odd coin in the backyard that looked ancient.
  5. The cat’s odd behavior, like chasing its tail, always made us laugh.
  6. There were 13 chairs at the table, an odd number for a dinner party.
  7. The clock’s ticking seemed oddly loud in the empty room.
  8. His odd choice of clothes made him stand out in the crowd.
  9. Every now and then, we experience odd weather patterns in this region.
  10. I had an odd feeling that I had been to this place before.

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