Obsessed Definition & Meaning and Example

Obsessed – Definition:

  1. Adjective: Having an intense and uncontrollable preoccupation or fixation on something or someone.
  2. Verb (Past Tense): To be consumed by persistent and overpowering thoughts, feelings, or desires related to a particular thing or person.

Obsessed – Meaning: “Obsessed” is a strong and emotionally charged term that describes a state of being completely engrossed in a particular subject, activity, or individual. It implies an overwhelming and all-consuming focus, often to the point of neglecting other aspects of life. When someone is obsessed, their thoughts and actions revolve around the object of their obsession, and they may have difficulty redirecting their attention to other matters.

Synonyms of “Obsessed”:

  1. Fixated: Having a strong and unyielding attachment or focus on something.
  2. Consumed: Fully absorbed or preoccupied with a particular thought or interest.
  3. Infatuated: Being deeply and foolishly in love or attracted to someone or something.
  4. Fanatical: Having extreme and excessive enthusiasm or devotion to a cause or interest.
  5. Besotted: Feeling completely and blindly in love with someone or something.
  6. Addicted: Being dependent on or unable to resist a particular habit or behavior.
  7. Enthralled: Captivated or fascinated by something to the point of complete absorption.
  8. Compulsive: Driven by an irresistible impulse or urge to engage in a specific activity or behavior.

“Obsessed” carries both positive and negative connotations, depending on the context in which it is used. It can indicate passionate dedication and commitment to a goal or pursuit, but it can also suggest unhealthy or irrational attachment that may lead to detrimental consequences.

Example Sentences ChatGPT

  1. Lisa was obsessed with learning new languages, spending hours each day studying and practicing.

2. John’s obsession with fitness led him to work out twice a day, often neglecting other aspects of his life.

3. The artist was fixated on capturing the perfect sunset, painting it over and over until it met his standards.

4. Sarah became consumed by thoughts of her upcoming exam, unable to focus on anything else.

5. His infatuation with the movie star was evident as he plastered her pictures all over his bedroom walls.

6. The team’s fanatical dedication to their cause drove them to work tirelessly towards achieving their goals.

7. After one taste, she was completely besotted with the delectable chocolate cake.

8. He was addicted to video games, spending hours playing every day and neglecting his schoolwork.

9. The captivating storyline of the book left her enthralled, unable to put it down until she finished reading it.

10. Mark’s compulsive need for order and cleanliness led him to clean his house multiple times a day.

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