NAVY Full Form

NAVY Full Form

Full FormCategoryTerm
Nautical Army of Volunteer YeomenMilitary and DefenceNAVY
Not A Veteren YetMilitary and DefenceNAVY
Never Again Volunteer YourselfMilitary and DefenceNAVY

The Role of the Navy

There are many operations that a nation’s navy forces could be involved in, from high-intensity war fighting to humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations. You can break down this vast array of operations into distinct roles that require a different approach to the management of operations.

The Indian Navy’s four major roles are, accordingly:


All navies are defined by their military capabilities. The purpose of all navies is to protect national security and interests from any hostile maritime power. The navy’s military role includes the threat and use of force at sea. This includes maritime power being used in both offensive and defensive operations against enemy forces, territories, and trade. This is accomplished by completing specific military missions and objectives.

  • Conflict prevention and coercion
  • In case of war, decisive military victory
  • Defense of India’s territorial integrity, citizens, and off-shore assets against seaborne threats
  • Influence land affairs
  • Protect India’s maritime and maritime mercantile trade
  • Protect India’s national interest and ensure maritime security
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