Nationality: Meaning, Definition, Examples, Sentences Usage

Nationality Definition

“Nationality” is like a label that shows which country a person belongs to. It’s connected to where they were born, who their parents are, and whether they’re a citizen of that country. It’s not just about rules – it’s also about feeling like you’re part of a place with its own language, culture, and history. So, if you’re born in a country and you’re a citizen there, that’s your nationality.

Nationality Meaning

“Nationality” refers to the legal and cultural identity of an individual as belonging to a particular nation or country. It indicates a person’s membership in a specific nation, often associated with citizenship. Nationality is determined by factors such as birthplace, parentage, and legal documentation.

For example, if someone is born in the United States and holds U.S. citizenship, their nationality is American. Similarly, someone born in France with French citizenship would have French nationality.

Nationality goes beyond just legal status; it often encompasses cultural, linguistic, and historical ties to a specific country. It can influence a person’s sense of belonging, shared values, and customs associated with the nation they identify with.


  1. American: If you were born in the United States and hold U.S. citizenship, your nationality is American.
  2. Japanese: People born in Japan with Japanese citizenship have Japanese nationality.
  3. Mexican: Individuals born in Mexico and holding Mexican citizenship have Mexican nationality.
  4. Australian: If you were born in Australia and are an Australian citizen, your nationality is Australian.
  5. German: People born in Germany who have German citizenship possess German nationality.
  6. Brazilian: Individuals born in Brazil with Brazilian citizenship have Brazilian nationality.
  7. Canadian: If you were born in Canada and are a citizen of Canada, your nationality is Canadian.
  8. Indian: People born in India with Indian citizenship have Indian nationality.
  9. French: Individuals born in France who have French citizenship possess French nationality.
  10. British: If you were born in the United Kingdom and are a British citizen, your nationality is British.

Nationality: Usage In Sentences

  1. Maria’s nationality is Italian because she was born in Rome and her parents are both Italian citizens.
  2. The embassy requested proof of his nationality before granting him a visa to travel to that country.
  3. The school celebrated Cultural Diversity Day, where students proudly displayed their flags to represent their different nationalities.
  4. During the international conference, participants exchanged ideas and experiences that showcased the richness of their respective nationalities.
  5. Sarah’s nationality is Canadian, but she has lived in Japan for years, embracing the local culture while retaining her Canadian identity.
  6. The Olympic Games bring together athletes of various nationalities, promoting unity through friendly competition.
  7. When filling out the immigration form, make sure to provide accurate information about your nationality and citizenship.
  8. The museum’s exhibits highlight the contributions of individuals from different nationalities to the country’s history.
  9. The census aims to collect data about the population’s demographics, including age, gender, and nationality.
  10. International cuisine festivals are popular, where people can experience a wide range of flavors from different countries and learn about their culinary traditions and nationalities.

Synonyms And Antonyms

  1. Citizenship
  2. Origin
  3. Heritage
  4. Ethnicity
  5. Identity
  6. Allegiance
  7. Descent
  8. Background
  9. Ancestry
  10. Lineage

Antonyms (words with opposite meanings):

  1. Foreignness
  2. Global Identity
  3. Universalism
  4. Statelessness
  5. Non-citizen
  6. Unaffiliated
  7. Cosmopolitanism
  8. Internationalism
  9. World Citizenship
  10. Apolitical

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