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MS. Full Form

Full FormCategoryTerm
Stick MemoryInformation TechnologyMS
MicrosoftInformation TechnologyMS
Management ServicesComputer and NetworkingMS
Mobile StationComputer and NetworkingMS
Choose a ModeComputer and NetworkingMS
MontserratCountry namesMS
Mitral StenosisMedicalMS
Master of ScienceMedicalMS
Medical ScientistMedicalMS
Management SystemsEducation DegreeMS
Mathematical SciencesEducation DegreeMS
Multidisciplinary StudiesEducation DegreeMS
Modified ServiceTelecommunicationMS
Mirrored ServerNetworkingMS
Merchant ServerNetworkingMS
Formatted Manual Page using Microsoft MacrosType of fileMS
Modula-3 Intermediate AssemblyType of fileMS
Microsoft Antivirus Report (msav).Type of fileMS
Maple WorksheetType of fileMS
Software for MicrocontrollersSoftwareMS
Matys ScriptsSoftwareMS
CHENNAI EGMOREIndian Railway StationMS
Mass SpectrometerChemistryMS
Morphine SulfateChemistryMS
Morphine SulphateChemistryMS
Multiple SurfacesElectronicsMS
You are missing somethingMessagingMS
Mighty SpecialMessagingMS
Mitsui SteamshipMessagingMS
Management SystemMessagingMS
Money SupplyAccounting and FinanceMS
Machine ScrewSpace ScienceMS
Machine SteelSpace ScienceMS
System of ManSpace ScienceMS
Margin of SafetySpace ScienceMS
Master SwitchSpace ScienceMS
Material SpecificationSpace ScienceMS
Materials ScienceSpace ScienceMS
Mating SequenceSpace ScienceMS
MilestoneSpace ScienceMS
Military Standard (parts designation)Space ScienceMS
MillisecondSpace Sciencems
Mission SpecialistSpace ScienceMS
Mission StationSpace ScienceMS
MultistringSpace ScienceMS
Milli SecondsMeasurement UnitMS
Mean SalaryJob TitleMS
Mad ScientistJob TitleMS
Missing SenseComputer Assembly LanguageMS
Memory ScrubbingComputer HardwareMS
Mass StorageComputer HardwareMS
Most ImportantMathsMS
Magic SumMathsMS
Mean SquareMathsMS
Matrix ScalarMathsMS
MartensiteEarth ScienceMS
Mount ShastaEarth ScienceMS
Mean SquaredPhysics relatedMS
Mass SpectrometryPhysics relatedMS
Meta StablePhysics relatedMS
Multi-StatePhysics relatedMS
Standard MicrophotographyPhysics relatedMS
MillisecondsPhysics relatedMS
Men’s soccerSportsMS
Many staminaSportsMS
Modular SystemMilitary and DefenceMS
Military StoneMilitary and DefenceMS
Moral supportMilitary and DefenceMS
Military StandardMilitary and DefenceMS
Message Switch Ms. MillisecondMilitary and DefenceMS
Military ScienceMilitary and DefenceMS
Mobile SuitMilitary and DefenceMS
Mobilization StationMilitary and DefenceMS
Mess SpecialistMilitary and DefenceMS
Market SurveyMilitary and DefenceMS
Microsoft CorporationMilitary and DefenceMS
Mil-specMilitary and DefenceMS
Master SeamanMilitary and DefenceMS
full form of ms
ms ka full form

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Nerve damageMultiple sclerosisOpen pop-up dialog box

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) can be a debilitating disease that affects the brain and spinal cord (central nerve system).

MS is caused by the immune system attacking the protective sheath (myelin), which covers nerve fibers. This causes communication problems between your brain, and the rest of the body. The disease can eventually cause nerve damage or deterioration.

MS symptoms and signs vary depending on how severe the nerve damage is and what nerves are affected. MS can cause severe impairments in the ability to move independently, or even completely stop. Others may have remissions that last for years without new symptoms.

Multiple sclerosis is a progressive neurological disorder. There is no cure. There are treatments that can speed up recovery, manage symptoms, and modify the course of multiple sclerosis.

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MS-related nervous system damageMyelin damage and the nervous systemOpen pop-up dialog box

Multiple sclerosis symptoms and signs can vary from one person to another and throughout the course of the disease, depending on where the affected nerve fibers are located. Movement is often affected by multiple sclerosis symptoms, including:

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If you have any of these symptoms, consult a doctor.

MS sufferers tend to have a relapsing-remitting course. These people experience relapses or new symptoms that can last for days or weeks. Usually, they recover partially or fully. These relapses can be followed by periods of quiet disease remission, which can last for months or even years.

Although small increases in body temperature may temporarily worsen symptoms of MS, these are not considered true disease relapses.

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Relapsing-remitting MS affects at least half of the population. They eventually experience a steady progression in symptoms with periods of remission or not, and this can happen within 10-20 years of disease onset. This is known as secondary-progressive MS.

The most common signs of MS are mobility and gait problems. The rate of disease progression varies greatly among people with secondary-progressive MS.

People with MS may experience progressive onset and steady progression in their symptoms, also known as primary-progressive MS.

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Multiple sclerosis is not understood. Multiple sclerosis is a condition where the immune system attacks its own tissue. MS is caused by an immune system malfunction that destroys myelin, a fatty substance that protects and coats nerve fibers in the brain.

Myelin is similar to the insulation on electric wires. The messages that travel along the nerve fiber can be slowed down or blocked if the protective myelin becomes damaged.

It’s not clear why MS occurs in certain people but not in others. It appears that a combination of environmental and genetic factors is responsible.

These factors could increase your chances of developing multiple sclerosis.

Multiple sclerosis patients may also be affected.

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