MPEG Full Form in Hindi| Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG).

MPEG ki फुल फॉर्म Moving Picture Experts Group hota है. इसको हिंदी मे स्थानांतरण चित्र विशेषज्ञ समूह कहते है

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Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG), is a group of standards and file formats that are used in digital video.

The working group of IEC and ISO that developed MPEG, also known as the moving picture experts group, was responsible for its creation. Because of the various sophisticated compression techniques used, MPEGs, when compared to most audio and video formats, are smaller in size and more or less of same quality.

MPEG is a very popular format for video and audio.

MPEG is a great option for broadcasting applications that have limited resources. It allows streaming of high-quality video on platforms such as the Internet. This file format can be played with most electronic products, including Windows Media Player, Cyberlink powerDVD, Apple Quick Time Player and others.

MPEG Features

Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG).This digital video standard allows for full-motion compression. It is a standard for digital video data delivery because of the high compression rates achieved by MPEG encoding. MPEG-1 is mono and stereo sound coding at the sampling frequencies most commonly used to produce high-quality audio. MPEG-2 includes an extension to lower sampling frequencies that provides better sound quality at low bit rates and an extension for multichannel audio. MPEG-3, MPEG-4 and further improvements are in development. MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 both have a three-layer design. Each layer is a collection of coding algorithms. Layer 3 is for sound encoding and cannot be used to encode audio files by itself. It is also known as MP3.

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This was the original home page for MPEG, which developed the standards to code the representation of digital audio, video and genomic data.

This page will be used to share information about the MPEG spirit.

The book tells the story of how MPEG engineered the transformation of media from analogue to digital, how it fostered the subsequent development of digital media, how it was terminated and how its spirit continues in the field of data coding by Artificial Intelligence through MPAI (

It is divided into 6 sections.


MPAI – Moving Picture, Audio and Data Coding by Artificial Intelligence –Believes that universally available standards can have the same positive effect on AI as standards that are applied to digital codingAs the place where standards can promote the development of AI technologies, encourage the use of AI applications, and contribute to solving existing problems.

MPAI defines

Data coding is the process of transforming data:A given representation can be changed to an equivalent for a specific purpose. These are compression and semantics extract.

MPAI is considering Module AI(AIM) and its interfaces are the AI building blocks. AIMs are defined by their function and the syntax and semantics they have. The function does not dictate how the function is performed. AIMs can either be implemented in software or hardware, using AI or Machine Learning or legacy data processing.

MPA IAI framework MPAI-AIF is the foundation of MPAI standardization. It allows for the creation, execution, composition, and updating of AIM-based workflows. This allows the building of high-complexity AI solutions made up of interconnected multi-vendor AIMs that are trained to perform specific tasks. They also operate in the standard AI framework. Data exchange takes place in standard formats.

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MPAI standards will address many problems and be beneficial to various actors.

Focusing on AI-based data Coding will allow MPAI to.Take advantage of future and emerging research resultsIn representation learning, transfer learning and edge AI.

MPAI is aware of IPR-related issuesProblemsThese have been accompaniedhigh-tech standardisation. MPAI standards differ from other standards that are based upon vague and contention-prone Fair and Reasonable and Nondiscriminatory (FRAND), declarations. They are based in Framework Licences where IPR owners have established IPR guidelines.

MPAI, though technically based, is fully aware of the innovative aspects.Impact AI will have upon the future of humanity. MPAI promises to address ethical issues raised by its technical work through the participation of prominent external thinkers. It is important to understand the inner workings of complex AI systems.

This page serves as a historical reference for MPEG achievements. MPEG has developed a remarkable portfolio of standards and technologies over its 30 year history that has helped to create an industry worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

MPEG was a reliable mechanism that brought together research results to create standards that encourage innovation.

This MPEG home page was maintained up to 2020/06/06 when Leonardo Chiariglione, founder of the MPEG, resigned. The MPEG group was now closed.

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