Monogamy: Meaning, Definition,Examples

Monogamy Definition

“Monogamy” means having a special romantic relationship with just one person at a time. It’s like when two people decide to be only with each other and not date or love anyone else.

Monogamy Meaning

“Monogamy” refers to the practice or state of being in a committed and exclusive romantic or marital relationship with only one partner at a time. In a monogamous relationship, individuals are dedicated to and emotionally involved with a single person, and they do not engage in romantic or sexual relationships with others outside of that partnership.

Monogamy is a common form of relationship in many cultures and is often associated with long-term commitment and loyalty between two people.


  1. Sarah and Tom have been practicing monogamy for years, and they’re very happy together.
  2. In many cultures, marriage is considered a form of monogamy, where two people commit to each other exclusively.
  3. Some animals, like swans, are known for their monogamous relationships, staying with the same partner for their entire lives.
  4. After discussing their relationship preferences, they decided to embrace monogamy and focus solely on each other.
  5. Monogamy involves trust and mutual understanding between partners, as they agree to be romantically faithful to each other.
  6. The concept of monogamy has different meanings across various societies and may be influenced by cultural norms.
  7. Jane and Michael’s strong belief in monogamy led them to avoid situations that could jeopardize their commitment to each other.
  8. John and Emily chose monogamy as it aligns with their values of building a deep, lasting connection with one another.
  9. The couple’s decision to practice monogamy created a strong sense of security and emotional intimacy in their relationship.
  10. Monogamy requires open communication and the willingness to work through challenges to maintain a strong bond between partners.

Usage In Sentences

  1. Jake and Lily believe in monogamy and have been faithfully together since they started dating.
  2. Many birds, such as eagles and penguins, practice monogamy, staying with the same partner for life.
  3. Mark and Sarah decided to enter into a monogamous relationship, focusing all their romantic attention on each other.
  4. The idea of monogamy varies across cultures, with some societies valuing exclusive partnerships more than others.
  5. Monogamy is about building trust and emotional connection between two people in a committed relationship.
  6. Jack and Emma’s decision to practice monogamy allowed them to create a strong bond based on loyalty and dedication.
  7. Some people prefer non-monogamous relationships, while others find happiness and fulfillment in monogamy.
  8. In their marriage vows, they promised to uphold the principles of love and monogamy throughout their lives.
  9. Discussing expectations and boundaries is crucial for couples considering monogamy as their chosen relationship style.
  10. The couple’s decision to embrace monogamy meant that they were devoted solely to each other, nurturing their partnership.

Synonym Antonyms

Synonyms (words with similar meanings):

  • Exclusive relationship
  • Faithfulness
  • One-on-one commitment
  • Fidelity
  • Exclusivity
  • Pair bonding

Antonyms (words with opposite meanings):

  • Polygamy (having multiple spouses)
  • Open relationship (romantic involvement with others)
  • Non-monogamy (not limiting romantic partners)
  • Infidelity (cheating on a partner)
  • Promiscuity (casual and frequent sexual relationships)
  • Polyamory (having multiple consensual romantic partners)

Remember that synonyms are words with similar meanings, and antonyms are words with opposite meanings.

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