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What is the Measurement Book (MB)?

To record the measurement of the work completed, a measuring book is kept. This is crucial when it comes to works done by a public entities and the measuring books should be kept up-to-date.

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These points must be taken note of:

  • The payment to contractors and other parties for work performed or other services provided are calculated on the basis of the measurements that are recorded in the Measurement Book.
  • The book of measurements is the base of all records of quantities regardless of the work done by contractors or labourers employed by departments, or of materials received. Because it is written, transactions can be easily traced.
  • They are considered to be extremely important records of accounts and must be maintained with care and accuracy since they may need to be presented as evidence in legal court in the event that it is required.
  • Measurements are recorded.

Entry at the beginning of measurement

Each measurement set to be recorded must begin with the following information:

  • In the event of charges for works performed:
    1. Full name of work as given in the agreement/estimate.
    2. Location of work.
    3. Name of contractor.
    4. Number and date of agreement.
    5. Date of written order to commence work.
    6. Actual completion date of work.
    7. Recording measurements Dates.
    8. Reference to previous measurements.
  • In the event of invoices for supply of material:
    1. Name of the supplier.
    2. Number and date of the supply agreement or order.
  • Supply of information in any of these forms applicable to the situation:
    1. Stock (for all stock items) for use.
    2. “Purchase” for direct issue to the work (full name of the project as it appears within the estimation is noted).
    3. “Purchase” for (full name of the project as indicated in the estimate) for the issue of the contract …… for the duration of ……
  • The date of the written order is when you can start the supply.
  • Actual supply date .
  • Measurements that record the number of meters.
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Abstract writing

  • An appropriate abstract must be prepared, which will contain information on measurements of the work performed.

Cross reference in the event of running bill for account

If the measurements are made in conjunction with an ongoing contract and the reference is to the most recent measurement set in the event of a change is included.

Date when the project was finished.

  • If the complete project or contract is completed and the date of the completion must be noted.
  • If the measurements made are one of the initial measurements taken on an account that is running or the first or final measurement, this information should be noted with respect to those entries of the Measurement Book. In the second case the day of measurement completion will be noted.

Recording of measurements in a neat way

Each measurement is recorded neatly in the Measurement Book.

Signed by the Contractor

A signature from the contractor’s authorized representative can be found from the Measurement Book for each measurement set.

Measurements in the ink

The measurements are recorded using the form of ink.

Making adjustments to measurements

  • The entry cannot be erased or changed. If an error is made the error is rectified by removing the wrong figures or words, and then adding the correction. The correction made is signed and dated by the person who records or checks measurements.
  • When measurements are cancelled or denied, they should be confirmed by the date-specific initials of the Officer who ordered the cancellation or a reference to the order of the officer and signed by the officer who took the measurements, with the reason for cancellation must also be noted.
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Numbering of pages

  • These pages in the Measurement books are machine-numbered.
  • The entries are continuously recorded and there is there is never a blank page or tear out. Pages or spaces that are accidentally left blank is erased with diagonal lines, the cancellation is attested and date.

Recording of measurements is only permitted by authorized individuals

Every item of work within the project, regardless of costs are weighed and recorded by the Junior Engineer who is in charge of the project. It ishowever accessible for the assistant engineer, or the

Engineer in Charge is responsible for recording measurements for a particular piece of work by himself.

Measurement certification

The person who records the measurements should write down an dated document “Measured by me” over their signature on the Measurement Book.

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