MCWOG Full Form

What is it? MCWOG What does it mean?

Motor Cycle Without Gear (MCWOG), is a type of Indian license. A MCWOG license allows you to drive a 50cc motorcycle without using gear. The license holder is allowed to drive scooters, mopeds, and other motorbikes without gear.

MCWG full form

Motor Cycle With Gear [MCWG] is the correct and exact form.

Indian Motor Cycle With Gear (MCWG), is a type of license. You will need the MCWG license to drive any motorbike with a 50cc or greater, mopeds, scooters, or bikes with gear in any part India.

Motor Cycle Without Gear (MCWOG), is a category of Indian licence. MCWOG license is required to drive a motor cycle with a maximum capacity of 50cc without the use of gear. This license holder is allowed to drive mopeds, scooters, and other motorcycles that do not have gear.

Motor Cycle Without Gear (MCWOG), is a license that allows you to drive a motorcycle without a gear. This license can be used to drive gearless vehicles such as scooters.

To clarify the distinction between categories of vehicles, i.e. MCWOG (without or MCWG) Honda Activa, and any other scooter in this category, like Suzuki Access, Maestro, will fall under the MCWG category. This is because RTO states that any vehicle with 50cc or more will be considered a MCWG. It will include any scooter, bike, and non-geared vehicle.

A person with MCWG can drive any type of vehicle (bike, scooter, Access, Jupiter, etc.)

Mopeds, Kinetic Luna and other vehicles below 50cc are virtually non-existent today. These vehicles are the only ones that fall under MCWOG.

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I can attest to this personally as I have made the same mistake and had the vehicle category changed because it was not acceptable at the time of my permanent license.

Ministry of Road Transport & Highways of India, Government of India, doesn’t provide the necessary information during online applications. This can lead to a common error.

Age of MCWOG license

The guardian must give permission if the individual is under 16 years old. Traffic rules and regulations must be understood by the individual. Valid age proof and documents proving addresses are also required.

Different types of driving licences in India

Driving can be an enjoyable experience for some people, but it could be a necessity to get around. Driving allows you to travel comfortably and independently between places. Without a driving license, it is impossible to drive. A driving license is required for anyone who wants to drive in India. According to the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, driving in India requires a driving licence. Without a valid driving license, you cannot drive or ride across India.

Wondering how many types of driving licenses India has? Let’s have a look at all the types of driving licenses.

You have the option to choose from different classes depending upon whether you require a driving license for personal or professional use.

Either you can get a license for heavy motor vehicles, or light motor vehicles like taxis and delivery vans that fall under the commercial use category. All it depends on what you need. For heavy trailers, a commercial license is required. India has almost 11 types of licenses

Criteria for Eligibility

The applicant must be at least 16 years of age and have the permission of his guardian/parents. The applicant must be familiar with traffic rules and regulations and have a valid address and proof of age.

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A person who meets the above requirements can take an online test to obtain a LLR. This LLR is valid for six months. A LLR holder must visit the RTO within 6 months to take a driving test. This exam is required to obtain a permanent license.

India’s Driving Licence Categories

Below is a brief overview of Indian driving license categories and class of vehicles. The eligibility criteria can change depending on which class of vehicle you drive.

Use categoryLicence ClassType of vehicle
Personal UseMC 50ccVehicles with a 50cc engine or less
MC EX50CCMotorbikes and other vehicles with a 50CC engine or more.
LMV-NTVehicles such as jeeps and motor cars are included in the Light Motor Vehicle category, but they are not transportable.
MCWOG/FVGThis category includes vehicles without gears, such as scooters and mopeds.
MCWGThis category includes motorcycles with and without gear.
Commercial UseLMVLight motor vehicles include motorcars and jeeps as well as taxis, delivery vans, and taxis.
MGVMedium goods vehicle
HMVFor heavy motor vehicles.
HGMVVehicles such as trailers, trucks and similar vehicles that are used to transport goods fall within the HGMV category.
HPMVThe HPMV category covers vehicles that are used for commercial purposes and have an All India Permit to transport passengers.
TRANSTRANS allows the holder to drive both heavy transport motor vehicles and heavy passenger motor cars.
TrailerA trailer driving license is required to drive a heavy motor vehicle and trailer. This license can only be obtained if you have a HMV license.
LDRXCVLDRXCV license (Loader Excavator Hydraulic Equipment) is required in order to operate large earthmoving equipment. This license can only be obtained with a HMV license.

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