Matter: Meaning, Examples, Usage In Sentences

Matter Meaning

Matter means a few different things:

  1. Stuff: It’s what things are made of. Like, water and air are matter.
  2. Talk About: It’s what you’re discussing or talking about. Like, if you’re asking, “What’s the matter?” you’re asking what’s going on.
  3. Important: If something “matters,” it’s important. Like, your feelings matter to your friends.
  4. Not Important: If something “doesn’t matter,” it’s not important or doesn’t make a difference.


  1. Substance: Water and air are examples of different types of matter.
  2. Topic: The matter we need to discuss is the upcoming project deadline.
  3. Importance: Your safety matters to us, so please wear a helmet while riding.
  4. Situation: It doesn’t matter which movie we watch tonight; I’m fine with any choice.

Usage In Sentences

  1. The scientist studied different types of matter, like liquids and solids, to understand their properties.
  2. When asked about his feelings, he replied, “It’s a personal matter I’d rather not discuss.”
  3. The matter of the missing keys was quickly resolved when they were found in the kitchen.
  4. Learning and education are important because they shape the minds of young people – they really do matter.
  5. She reassured her friend that his opinion mattered to her and that she valued his input.
  6. The team meeting focused on the matter of improving communication among team members.
  7. After the argument, she realized that her pride didn’t matter as much as preserving the relationship.
  8. The teacher emphasized that every student’s effort and progress mattered in the classroom.
  9. Don’t worry about the small mistake; it’s a minor matter that can be easily fixed.
  10. The matter of climate change is a global concern that requires collaborative efforts to address.

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