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A material noun a noun that refers to a metal or other substance that is made up of metals or various materials or metallic elements.

It is simply a name of various raw materials or elements which exist in nature or the environment. Some of them are evolved from animals or plants after the biodegradation processes. Material nouns are formed from nature like gold, silver, iron, coal, rock, etc.

This noun only indicates the substances or materials, not people, places, etc. It is important to remember that this noun does not indicate any other persons, places, or things. Sources of raw materials include plants, animals, and nature, such as

Material nouns are one of five types.

Types of material nouns

  • Nouns that refer to plants: Oil, coffee, food, medicine, perfume and tea, as well as rubber, rubber, and so on.
  • Nouns of material from animals: Wool and meat, honey, eggs, milk, leather, silk, and so on.
  • Natural materials: Sand and rock, rain, salt water, silver, gold diamond, coal, air, and so on.
  • human-made material nouns: Alcohol, cement, charcoal, cheese, paraffin, cloth, utensil, brick, acid, etc.

Sentences contain examples of Material Nouns

  1. CottonWears are affordable
  2. He purchased agoldRing by 50 000 tk.
  3. The market forDiamonds jewelry
  4. CalciumIt is healthier for your health and you should purchase it.
  5. We usePlasticFor ordinary work.
  6. Iron7.
  7. BrassIn the past, it was still used.
  8. This building is currently being used byMarblesStones
  9. We drinkmilkEvery night.
  10. We work for a company that is gold.
  11. I have a racket inside myRack.
  12. This is where the racket is madeWood and plasticsAlsoA fiver
  13. She owns an appleLaptop
  14. The laptop is made fromPlastic and Metal.
  15. She is looking for somewater forMaking theCake.
  16. TheBookThe following are theTable.
  17. TheBookIt has on theTable
  18. I have anGoldenOrnament
  19. Your work is very inspiring.ShirtIt is available at: It is from where?
  20. The ring is made fromgoldAnddiamond.
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