Loathe: Meaning, Definition, Synonyms, Usage In Sentences

Loathe Definition

Loathe is a term used when you have a strong dislike or aversion towards someone or something. Loathe is used when you hate that specific thing or show hatred towards an individual. For example- I loathe this vegetable.

Loathe Meaning

Loathe signifies a negative emotion or hatred towards a thing or an individual. It indicates A deep and intense feeling of hostility or enmity towards something—a strong feeling of disliking or despising something intensely.

All of these words capture the idea of an intense negative feeling, a strong aversion, or a deep dislike that goes beyond ordinary distaste. “Loathe” is used when you want to convey a powerful level of dislike or even disgust toward something.


  1. Despise: To strongly dislike or have contempt for.
  2. Abhor: To regard with extreme repugnance or detest.
  3. Detest: To feel strong dislike or hatred towards.
  4. Abominate: To find something utterly repulsive or hateful.
  5. Recoil: To feel a sudden and strong feeling of disgust or aversion.


  1. She loathes the taste of mushrooms and refuses to eat anything that contains them.
  2. After the betrayal, he began to loathe the sight of his former friend.
  3. The team loathes losing, so they train intensely to ensure victory.
  4. The protagonist in the story loathes injustice and stands up for what is right.
  5. The thought of public speaking makes her loathe social events and large gatherings.

Loathe: Usage In English Sentences

  1. She loathes having to wake up early in the morning.
  2. He has a pet snake, but I absolutely loathe snakes.
  3. The taste of cilantro is something I loathe; it ruins the entire dish for me.
  4. After the incident, she began to loathe the sight of that place.
  5. The thought of public speaking makes him loathe any opportunity to present in front of an audience.
  6. I loathe the feeling of sand sticking to my skin after a day at the beach.
  7. Although he loathed the task, he had to clean the dirty and cluttered garage.
  8. She loathes confrontations and always tries to avoid arguments.
  9. The character in the movie loathes injustice and fights against corruption.
  10. Despite being a history enthusiast, he surprisingly loathes reading historical fiction.

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