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1) Tata Group

The simplicity of the Tata logo makes it stand out. The blue ‘T’ symbolises the reliability, strength, prosperity of the Tata group. It also represents trust and the fountain of knowledge. It is designed to look great on its trucks and cars. The Tata Group, India’s largest multinational conglomerate, has been a symbol of quality for 100 years. The Tata logo has been updated from time to time. The current logo is a modified version the 1999 logo. Chairman Ratan Tata wanted the company to be known worldwide. He created a unique brand symbol with the slogan “improving the quality life”.

2)State Bank of India

The SBI logo is a keyhole that allows the common man to access all his banking needs. When the SBI logo was first created in 1955, it featured a banyan leaf. Shekhar Kamat, Ahmedabad’s National Institute of Design (NID), designed the current logo in 1971.

3)HDFC Bank

The logo of Housing Development Finance Corporation (or HDFC), shows a square block in the center resembling an building, with the four corners walls representing a focal symbol in cameras. Its strong visibility as a symbol is due to its geometric design in red, white, and black. The H.D.F.C. in white is a great addition. The blue background with the letters H.D.F.C. is appealing and follows the same pattern. The legend is below the logo: “We understand you world.” This concept reassures people who need a roof over their heads with housing loans. The logo is a symbol of trust. HDFC offers housing loans to everyone and invests in the housing development sector. The bank’s logo conveys the message that it helps build homes for those who have the potential to do so.


Airtel’s new logo features a single “a” on a red background with Airtel written beneath it. The red colour is a symbol of dynamism and was redesigned in 2010. Airtel’s exploration of the globe is represented by the unconnected letter “a”. It is India’s fifth-largest telecommunication company, and India’s largest mobile service provider.


Wipro, India’s top MNCs, had to redesign its logo to include a dark integrated rainbow-coloured sunflower that represents the company’s integrity. Rainbow is the union and vibrancy of all colours. The Wipro journey to the top has been no less exciting. It all began with a vegetable oil company in 1945. Today, it has expanded into many fields such as IT, electrical, and furniture. Initial logo was a black-and-white sunflower.

6)Axis Bank

The word Axis is represented by the letter ‘A’ in the bank’s logo. The bank’s logo also shows a strong growth path supported by a solid base, indicating that it is moving from a position where it is strong. It was formerly known as UTI Bank. The burgundy color is still evident. It has a client base of 60 million and is one of India’s most successful banks.

7)Star Plus

Star Plus, one of India’s most popular channels, has unveiled a new logo with Rishta Wahi, Soch Nayi. This was done in order to present entertainment with fresh ideas. It was also meant to portray a modern Indian woman who has taken on different roles in society after undergoing dramatic lifestyle changes.

8.Asian Paints

Asian Paints introduced a new logo in October 2012 to better connect with customers. It highlights interior decor for commercial and retail segments across India. Its brand identity was changed by this new logo. With the flowing ribbon pattern, the aim was to inspire customers’ imaginations and allow them to design the home they desire.

9)Bajaj Auto

Bajaj Auto’s new logo was unveiled in January 2004. This new visual identity emphasizes its brand values. Bajaj’s brand essence has been defined to be “Excitement”. Bajaj will live up to its five brand values, viz., Learning Innovation, Perfection Speed, Transparency, Perfection, Learning and Innovation. Bajaj has replaced the traditional hexagonal symbol by an abstract stylized form of stylized B. The ” flying“, as it was named, is a stylized and stylized version of stylized B. Its purpose is to express style and technology and to signify speed and transparency.

10Suzlon Energy

Suzlon, a world leader in wind energy, is Suzlon. It is present in 19 countries on 6 continents and its logo depicts the wind flowing in a green background. The green color represents a better tomorrow and a more secure future.

11UltraTech Cement

The Chairman of the group Kumar Mangalam Birla brought the Aditya Birla logo to life in a new avatar to symbolize transformation and change. After 20 years of climbing new heights, the logo was time for a change. UltraTech Cement, the world’s largest producer of grey cement, Ready Mix Concrete RMC (RMC), and white cement is now one of the top cement producers worldwide. UltraTech is a brand that embodies strength, reliability and innovation.

12) Larsen & Toubro

Since its inception, the L&T logo has remained unchanged. The logo is composed of the first two letters of the company. It conveys the company’s high-quality quality and its sustained leadership in major business lines over seven decades. Two Indian engineers fled to Denmark in search of work in India and founded this multi-national conglomerate in Mumbai. Its activities include engineering, construction, manufacturing of goods, financial services, as well as a global network of offices and advanced manufacturing facilities in India and Oman.


ITC was founded on August 24, 1910 as the Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited. It slowly Indianized and its name changed to India Tobacco Company Limited (in 1970) and to ITC Limited (in 1974). It is now a Indian conglomerate, with its headquarters in Kolkata, West Bengal. Its five segments include Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, Hotels, Paperboards & Packaging and Agri Business & Information Technology. The logo represents two blue arms that are folded into namaste on a white background. The legend is visible below: Enduring Valuable.


Hindustan Unilever Ltd, a multinational consumer goods firm based in Mumbai, is owned by Anglo Dutch company Unilever. This 67% share of HUL is the controlling stake. It offers a range of products, including beverages, cleaning products, personal care products, and water purifiers. There are many random images in the U in Unilever logo. Every image reflects the variety of products it makes.


This logo was created by a NID Ahmedabad student. Doordarshan was one of the most important broadcasting companies in terms of transmission development and studios. This timeless form has stood the test of time.

16Hindustan Petroleum

With its curving lines that seem to resemble a stream of fuel being poured into a vehicle, the logo suggests that the future is full of energy. Instantly, the visual form is immediately recognizable. The contrast between the letters and shapes is enhanced by the use of colours such as red in bold initials HP within a blue circle. The logo looks balanced and simple because of its symmetry.

17Welcome Group

Atithi Devo Bhhava appears to be the welcome theme. ITC’s ‘Welcome Group‘ hotel chain has the theme of ‘Truly Indian’. The letter envisions Namaste, a traditional gesture of ‘Welcome’. This logo signifies that India is an unifying force for all religions and cultures.

18National Dairy Development Board

Operation Flood is the symbol for National Dairy Development Board. The Operation Flood logo, which is represented by the “drop (of dairy)” logo, was started by Father of Milk Revolutions in India Verghese Krien for NDDB. The White Revolution transformed India’s face, providing livelihood for thousands of Anand milkmen and others. India is the largest milk producer in the world, thanks to the simple and timeless nature of the drop of milk.

19Punjab National Bank

The logo was designed in 1984 and reflects the spirit of Gurmukhi, Punjab National Bank (PNB)’s logo. Orange is India’s traditional color. The Gurmukhi letter, which contains a circle and is enclosed in Gurmukhi, complements the identity of PNB nationalized bank.

20Steel Authority of India Limited

The logo uses a dark triangular shape with an upward orientation to signify growth and development in the steel industry. SAIL’s high-level managerial and technical expertise is evident in the solid rhombus within the triangle. SAIL is India’s largest integrated steel and iron producer. It also has a solid infrastructure to support the country’s industrial development through its integrated steel plants.


This logo was created in 1987 by TITAN Industries, a joint venture between Tata Group (TIDCO) and Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation. TITAN exports jewellery, watches, and accessories in traditional and modern styles. The logo’s most striking feature is the play with the letter “T” creating a circle hallow around it that resembles a watch dial. It is simple and elegant and reflects the traditional ethos of Titan products.

22Airport Authority of India

The Airport Authority of India logo was created in the early 1990s. It features a triangular shape and the wings of an aircraft to represent the vision of an airport. The triangle’s upward accent matches AAI’s responsibility for maintaining, upgrading, and managing India’s civil aviation infrastructure.

23Trade Fair Authority of India (now India Trade Promotion Organisation).

This logo was created for Trade Fair Authority of India in 1974, when the Indian government began to explore external trade. It is fascinating to note the fusion of letters T & F, which signify preservation of traditional trade and investments as well as modern identity of ITPO. It signifies India’s authority through trade, exhibitions, and fairs at home and abroad.


Although the logo is hard to understand, it does convey an abstract ‘H’ although red and white pieces are easy to see at first glance. Although the bold red Hero is striking, the black and blunted pointed arrow to the right of the vertical red rectangle makes it difficult to see the logo’s relevance. This logo is rare and unique. It’s designed to make you think.

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