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Liste of All Medical Diagnostic Tests with Diseases

A list of all medical diagnostic tests, including complete blood count (LFT), liver function test (LFT), kidney function testing, lipid profile (cholesterol and triglycerides), blood glucose test, HBA1C blood blood test, urine, cardiac blood, test for thyroid function, semen analysis, tumor markers, arthritis, antistreptolysin (aso), widal chikungunya rapid diagnosis, HIV-1, HIV-2, and many more.

Liste of diagnostic and medical tests

This list contains a variety of medical procedures and tests that can be used to diagnose and treat diseases and conditions. It is organized alphabetically and grouped according to the type of procedure.

cellular and chemical analysis

Due to their vital role in clinical diagnostics and drug development, life science, as well as chemical analysis of single cells or organelles, increasing attention is being paid to this area. In recent years, innovative analytical methods have been developed that allow qualitative and quantitative analysis at subcellular and single-cell levels. This Review will focus on four main areas of analytical methods: electrochemical analysis and super-resolution microscopy. Each method has its advantages but the integration of them has allowed for the creation of structural and functional information that relates single cells to organelles. This Review summarizes the development of new methods and techniques in these areas over the past two years.

Electrochemical Analysis of Single Cells and Organelles

New techniques and different types of electrodes have made it possible to conduct electrochemical analysis at single cell and single organelle levels. This allows for high selectivity and sensitivity. This section will cover the new applications mainly including single-cell amperometry (SCA), intracellular electrochemical analysis, vesicle impact electrochemical cytometry (VIEC), enzymatic biosensors, and electrochemiluminescence (ECL)-based systems for cell analysis.

  • amniocentesis
  • blood analysis
    • blood count
    • blood typing
    • bone marrow aspiration
    • cephalin-cholesterol flocculation
    • enzyme analysis
    • epinephrine tolerance test
    • glucose tolerance test
    • hematocrit
    • immunologic blood test
    • inulin clearance
    • serological test
    • thymol turbidity
  • gastric fluid analysis
  • kidney function test
  • liver function test
  • lumbar puncture
  • malabsorption test
  • Pap smear
  • phenolsulfonphthalein test
  • pregnancy test
  • prenatal testing
  • protein-bound iodine test
  • syphilis test
  • thoracentesis
  • thyroid function test
  • toxicology test
  • urinalysis/uroscopy
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diagnostic imaging

Diagnostic imaging refers to a range of non-invasive ways to look inside the body to determine the cause of injury or illness and confirm a diagnosis. It can also be used to assess how your body responds to treatment for illness or fractures.

These are the most popular types of diagnostic imaging.

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