LG Full Form

Full FormCategoryTerm
Lucky GoldstarName of the CompanyLG
Lieutenant GovernorDelhi GovernmentLG
Line goodTelecommunicationLG
Local GroupNetworkingLG
Arhangel Compressed File ArchiveFile TypeLG
Logo Procedure Definitions (lsrhs logo)Type of fileLG
Last GuessMessagingLG
Little GuyMessagingLG
It’s Good to LiveMessagingLG
It’s good to liveMessagingLG
Letter of GuaranteeAccounting and FinanceLG
Looking goodSpace ScienceLG
Lost GoldstarSpace ScienceLG
Low GravitySpace ScienceLG
Landing GearSpace ScienceLG
LengthSpace ScienceLG
Linear GaugeMeasurement UnitLG
Lazy GuyJob TitleLG
List GridsComputer Assembly LanguageLG
Light GuideComputer HardwareLG
Linear GraphMathsLG
Linear GaussianMathsLG
Lower GroundEarth ScienceLG
Last GameSportsLG
Laggy GameSportsLG
Lost GutsMilitary and DefenceLG
Lower GradesMilitary and DefenceLG
Logistics Deputy Chief of staffMilitary and DefenceLG
full form of lg

lg full name

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LG’s philosophy is based on people, sincerity and staying true to the basics. It’s to get to know our customers, to provide the best solutions, and new experiences through constant innovation. This helps our customers live better lives. Our brand image has been developed slowly and consistently. We communicate “Life’s good.” We are authentic but contemporary, constantly evolving our core philosophies to meet the current market.

LG Electronics’ history has been marked by the desire to make people happier and better lives.

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LG Electronics’ Jeong-do Management embodies our high ethical standards. We do business in an honest and transparent manner.

LG’s exclusive application of ethics is “Jeong-do Management”.
LG will be successful through fair management practices, and continuous improvement of our business skills.

what is the full form of lg

LG’s management charter outlines its intention to promote the management principles of “creating value and managing with respect” which allow for more open and responsible management. LG strives to be a global leader company by seeking out greater public benefits based on cooperation, mutual trust and respect for the free-market economy. All LG employees pledge to uphold the code of ethics and make value judgements in line with it.

LG Electronics is committed “winning by the rules”. Sound and transparent management is the cornerstone of individual success and global competition. LG Electronics will adhere to all local laws and regulations in all of its global operations. We will also compete fairly and maintain the highest standards for business conduct. LG Electronics Compliance Code of Conduct outlines clear standards for legal compliance that all employees must adhere to in order to achieve the principles set forth in the LG Code of Ethics.

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