Legrand Switches Price List 2020-21 PDF

Legrand Switches Price List 2020-21 PDF

Use the link at the bottom to download the Legrand Switches Price List 2020-21 PDF.

Legrand Changes Prices 2020-21

Legrand products are designed to make your future easier. Our products are versatile and cover many areas, including safety and home automation. Legrand products, which are custom designed and guaranteed of quality, are a step towards the future.

The link below will allow you to download the Legrand Switches price list 2020-21 in PDF format.

So today we’re going to talk about Legrand.
We’re going to talk about the whole house devices.

Which is a wireless division for our devices.

I want to teach you first how to bind the product, how you communicate

one device with another so the first thing you do is

press the indicator light for like 10

Then the light will go amber

then every other device that whole house is gonna start blinking green

like you see right now. So if you wanna

letter C with letter D

all you have to do is go to D, press the indicator light

until it goes amber

so those two are actually amber

that means that these the device
is talking to this device.

So I wanna take it out and of binding mode

It’s out. So now every time I do letter C

so it is going fully on

same as letter D, because now they are both talking to each other

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If I dim from one location the other
dimmer will also go down

If I go all the way up with one dimmer

the other dimmer will go up.

Now we are doing the settings for our devices. We have 6 settings.

This is the first setting, so it will blink once

It’s green, which is for the indicator light.

Press here and the little light will go all the way to the top.

That means that the indicator light will be off

So that’s stage number 1, let’s go to number 2

It’s blinking twice. 1,2, 1, 2

This is for minimum level

This is mainly for using LEDs, sometimes they will flicker

So you can remove the flicker by raising it

Right now you don’t see anything on

And now you see the first dot on, which means it is about 10% of the minimum level

If you want to raise it more, you can keep going up

So you’ll letter C going up, and down now

That’s stage number 3, then stage 4

This dimmer can actually be turned into a switch

If I go up, the LED will be on top, meaning that this device is no longer a dimmer, but a switch.

And number 5 you will see 5 blinks

Our dimmers come from factory as a forward face

Forward face works better with magnetic transformers

If you have an electronic transformer
you should change it to reverse

So just tap once and that dimmer will
actually be on a reverse face

And stage number 6, it’s blinking 6 times
That’s more for the electricians

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We call it “red devil”, so if a red light starts blinking

It’s either because the dimmer doesn’t identify a load

because our dimmers are 6 watts minimum load

so with LED, if you’re doing a 3 watts LED
the dimmer will be able to identify

and tell you there’s no load to identify

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