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This is the gold mining area of Bangarpet Taluk, Kolar District in Karnataka. It is the largest Indian gold mine, and it was closed in 2001 because of increased production costs, lower gold production, and lower gold deposits.

It was the second-deepest gold mine in the globe and was famous for its gold mining past. It is known as “Little England” because of its beautiful views and pleasant climate. This area still has English bungalows and well-planned streets. Kolar dates back to the 2nd century AD and is older than Bangalore. Ganga made Kolar her capital and ruled Mysore and Coimbatore.

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कोलर सोने का क्षेत्र

Kolar Gold Fields (KGF), also known as ‘Little England’, is a region of South India’s Kolar District, Karnataka. It is located 100 kilometers from Bengaluru. According to estimates, gold has been found there for over 2000 years. While many people have tried their luck at finding gold in the past, Kolar Gold Field’s most notable achievement can be attributed to John Taylor and Sons. John Taylor III took responsibility for the mines and established what was at the time the most important and useful gold mine on Earth. The organization controlled the mines until 1956, when they were taken over the Government of Mysore. John Taylor and Sons were the mining specialists.

कोलार गोल्ड फील्ड्स (v) K.G.F में एक खनन क्षेत्र hai । तालुक (टाउनशिप), कोलार जिला, कर्नाटक, भारत। iska मुख्यालय रॉबर्टसनपेट में है, Jaha भारत गोल्ड माइन्स लिमिटेड (बीजीएमएल) और बीईएमएल लिमिटेड (पूर्व में भारत अर्थ मूवर्स लिमिटेड) ke कर्मचारी और unke परिवार rahthe हैं। के.जी.एफ. कोलार se लगभग 30 किलोमीटर (19 मील), कर्नाटक की राजधानी बैंगलोर से 100 किलोमीटर (62 मील) और चेन्नई से 245 किलोमीटर (152 मील) दूर है|

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KGF कर्नाटक राज्य के कोलर(Collar) जिले में स्थित है KGF कोलर(Collar) से लगभग 30 किलोमीटर दूरी पर है जबकि बेंगलुरु से इसकी दूरी 100 किलोमीटर है|| एक time था, जब यह सोना(Gold) की खुदाई के liye सभी बड़ी जगहों में se एक tha, बाद mai सोने ki कमी की वजह से यहां par खुदाई बंद कर दी गई|
KGF से सोना निकालने की प्रक्रिया अंग्रेजों के समय सन 1900 से ही chal रही थी, KGF की सुरंगों में सामान्य तापमान 50 डिग्री सेल्सियस से ज्यादा hua करता था, जिसके कारण वहां पर हादसे bahut हुआ करते थे| अंग्रेजों ने कोलर(Collar) के सोने का bahut लाभ उठाया था, बाद में जब भारत आज़ाद हो गया, तो कोलर(Collar) भारत सरकार के अधीन कर दिया गया, अभी देखा जाए तो KGF के खदान भूमि-गत जल से भरे हुए हैं|

Kolar Gold Fields, India’s pioneering gold mining community (KGF), is a fascinating example of India’s rich history. After a series of misfortunes, including an inept administration, a wrong strategy for valuing the mines, and a lack of interest in new investigations, the mines were nationalized in 1956. The mines could be submerged in water.

In 1956, the Kolar Gold mines became a nationalized entity that produced more than 900 tonnes of gold. They were closed by the Indian Government on February 28, 2001 for natural reasons, a wrong valuing strategy and lack of interest in new exploration.

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