Justified: Definition, Meaning, Examples, Usage In Sentences

Justified Definition

Justified” means having a good enough reason for doing something or thinking it’s the right thing. It’s like having a valid excuse that makes sense.

Justified Meaning

“Justified” means having a reasonable and acceptable reason or explanation for something. It’s like showing that there’s a good enough explanation for why something is fair, right, or appropriate.


  1. Action: Sarah felt justified in asking for a refund because the product she bought was defective.
  2. Decision: The teacher’s decision to assign extra homework was justified by the need to prepare for the upcoming test.
  3. Statement: The scientist provided evidence that justified her theory about the behavior of certain animals.
  4. Reaction: His frustration was justified after waiting for hours for a bus that never arrived.
  5. Choice: The company’s decision to invest in new technology was justified by the potential for increased efficiency and productivity.
  6. Criticism: The negative reviews of the movie were justified due to its weak plot and poor acting.
  7. Response: Jenny’s anger was justified when her colleague took credit for her work.
  8. Concern: The parents’ worries about their child’s safety were justified after learning about the potential risks in the area.
  9. Suspicion: His justified suspicion arose when he noticed some irregularities in the company’s financial records.
  10. Reprimand: The employee’s tardiness was justified as the manager explained the importance of punctuality in the workplace.

Usage In Sentences

  1. The customer’s frustration was justified when the restaurant served him a cold meal for the third time in a row.
  2. The teacher felt justified in giving extra credit to students who showed consistent effort and improvement.
  3. Sarah’s concern for her friend’s safety was fully justified after hearing about the recent car accident in their neighborhood.
  4. The athlete’s hard work and dedication justified his victory in the marathon.
  5. The company’s decision to cut costs was justified by the need to remain competitive in a challenging market.
  6. The critics’ negative reviews of the book were justified due to its weak plot and lack of character development.
  7. Despite the initial skepticism, the results of the experiment fully justified the researcher’s hypothesis.
  8. The company’s CEO held a press conference to explain the reasons behind the recent layoffs and to justify the strategic decision.
  9. The government argued that the new tax policy was justified in order to fund essential public services.
  10. The student’s anxiety before the final exam was justified, given the importance of the test for their overall grade.

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