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Use the link at the bottom to download the PDF Job Card Application Form West Bengal PDF.

Job Card Application Form West Bengal

A job card describes the work performed in a work order. To create and manage job card, you can use the Job Cards app. You can use the Task Cards or Work Order Tracking applications to create job cards.

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Every rural household needs a job card. It’s a legal document that gives you the right to exercise your Right to Work’ under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act. This scheme allows anyone with a Job card to apply for work.

  1. Eligibility:Anyone over 18 years old who resides in rural areas can apply for work.
  2. EntitlementAll applicants are entitled to work within 15 working days for as many applications as they have submitted, but there is a maximum of 100 working days per household per calendar year.

Many industries use job cards, including plumbing, electrical contracting and facilities management. These cards are used to send job information to field workers and get information back on the work performed for each job.

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How to do new Job Card Registration

The MGNREGA website has the first page, which contains the registration for a new job card. The MGNREGA Job Card is the entry card. The NREGA system also has a Job Card. Let’s find out what a Job card is. 

A “Job card” is a card that is given to rural households whose adult members are willing to perform unskilled manual labor under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA). NREGA Card is a card that guarantees 100 days of wage employment during a financial year.

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A job card is not given to everyone. It is issued to family members. Two things are important to remember. The “Head Of Household” is one, and the other is the “Applicants”. The card is issued to the Head of the Household / Family (HOF). 

The job card can be used by all the adults in the household as “Applicants”. Rarely, a single person may live as an individual family. This person will be HOF along with the Applicant. These job cards are called “Single Applicant Card” or “Single Beneficiary Card”.

The Job Card is now a legal document that can be used for many purposes, such as voting or opening a bank account. After the registration of a new job card, the physical “Job Card”, is given to the card holder. When registering for a new job card, it is important to exercise extreme caution.

You should not register a new job card as a VLE without the proper forms/documents. You can apply for a Job Card on plain paper or in a pre-formatted Form-1 (Job Card Applications Form). 

All applicants must have a valid ID proof. The Prodhan and his staff will verify the authenticity of the application form. The Prodhan will sign your application to approve the issuing of a new job card. The prodhan can reject an application for any reason. The VLE will register the new job card once the application has been approved.

Log in to the VLE login to get started. Open “D.1 Registration and Job card”. Click on the “Not Linked With BPL Data” link below “1. Register – Data Entry You will get the below screen.


Below are the details for each field. Please note that the fields marked with a red * (asterix), are not mandatory. You can also leave the non-mandatory field blank.

Village*This field will allow you to choose the Sansad number.
Name of the Head of the HouseholdEnter the name of the household head or family member.
Name of the Father/HusbandName of the head of the household: Father or husband
Family-Id*Select the sansad to get the “Next Avail”. This Panchayat has a Family ID: xxx Simply put the number after Village. If you enter the wrong serial number, it will be displayed after that incorrect id.
Selecting caste (Required)Select the social category below the family ID. I.e. SC / ST / OBC / Oth etc.
House No (Optional).You can place the house no or skip.
Category (Should be given).Choose from the IAY/LR/MIN category. All that are applicable.
FarmerChoose from Small Farmer or Marginal Farmer.
Date of registration*Date you made this new job card entry. It must be in the DD/MM/YYYYY format.
Epic No. OptionalAlthough it is optional, you can enter it if it is included with your application. It will be useful in the future.
BPL Family *You must choose Yes or No. If yes, you must provide BPL number. Better to stick with No.
Family-Id as per Household Survey, BPL-Census 2002 (Optional).It is unlikely that you will be able to do it. Please leave it blank.
RSBY Beneficiary or Not? (Optional).If you choose Yes, you must provide RSBY Card number. You should stick with No.
Which AABY Beneficiary are you? (Optional).You must provide AABY Insurance No. You should stick with No.
Name of the Applicant (Required).You must enter the details of all applicants who are interested in working. Also, you must include the details of HOF. You must also include the details of HOF. If not, he/she won’t be available to work demand. Please enter the name of the applicant according to the provided document.
Gender (Required)Choose Male or Female for the Applicant
Age (Required).Must be between 18-99
Disabled Disabled? (Default No)Choose Yes or No
Relationship with the Head of Household (Required).Relationship of applicants with the HOF. Gender will affect the options.
Save ButtonComplete the form correctly and click this button. You will see the “” button if everything is correct.Record saved! Register No. Registration No.WB-00-000-000-000/000” page. You will have the option to upload both the applicant and family photos. I recommend that you use the “Upload Photo” module, which is located under the “Not Linked With BPL Data” link.

Here’s the registration success screen

nrega job card application form

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