ISTG Meaning: What Does ISTG Mean & Stand For? with Useful Examples

ISTG Definition and Usage:

ISTG stands for “I Swear to God.” It’s an internet slang acronym used to emphasize the truthfulness or sincerity of a statement. When someone uses ISTG, they are essentially swearing that what they’re saying is true. It’s often used in casual online conversations, text messages, or social media platforms to add emphasis to a statement.

Examples of ISTG:

  1. Text Message Conversation:
    • Person A: Did you really meet the celebrity yesterday?
    • Person B: ISTG, I got a picture with them! It was incredible!
  2. Online Chat:
    • User 1: You won’t believe what happened at the party last night.
    • User 2: Tell me! ISTG, I’m all ears.
  3. Social Media Comment:
    • Post: Just adopted the cutest puppy ever! 🐶❤️
    • Comment: That’s adorable! ISTG, I can’t wait to meet them!
  4. Group Chat:
    • Friend 1: I think I aced the exam!
    • Friend 2: Really? ISTG, you’ve been studying non-stop, so I’m sure you did great!
  5. Online Discussion:
    • User 1: Has anyone tried that new restaurant downtown?
    • User 2: Yes, I went last week! ISTG, the food was amazing.

Usage Notes:

  • Emphasis: ISTG is used to strongly emphasize the honesty of what’s being said, similar to saying “I’m telling you the truth” or “I promise.”
  • Informal Setting: It’s important to note that ISTG is very casual and should be used in informal conversations. It might not be appropriate in formal or professional contexts.
  • Variations: Sometimes, you might see variations like “ISTFG” (I Swear to Freaking God) or “ISTFGI” (I Swear to Freaking God It’s True), which add a bit more emphasis or intensity.

Social Media Platforms

The use of ISTG is not limited to text messages, as it can also be found on various social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok. In these environments, ISTG is often used to convey strong emotions, reactions, or assurance. Here are some examples of ISTG usage on social media:


  • “Just saw the new movie trailer, and ISTG, it’s going to be the best one yet! #movielover”


  • “istg, this sunset is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. 🌅 #nofilter”


  • Snap of a messy room “ISTG, I’m going to clean this room tomorrow!”


  • Video of a funny pet “istg, my dog is the funniest creature on Earth! 😂”

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