Intermediate: Definition, Meaning, Usage In Sentences, Examples

Intermediate Definition

“Intermediate” means something that is in the middle or halfway between two things. It’s like when you’re not a beginner anymore, but you’re also not an expert yet. It’s kind of like being in the middle stage of learning or doing something.

Intermediate Meaning

The term “intermediate” refers to something that is in between or situated between two points, stages, levels, or things. It indicates a middle position or a state that falls between two extremes.

It can also describe a person who has some level of knowledge or skill that is more than basic but not yet advanced. In various contexts, “intermediate” denotes something that is neither the beginning nor the end, but rather lies somewhere in the middle.


  1. Language Skills: He has intermediate proficiency in Spanish, which means he can hold conversations but still needs to learn more.
  2. Biking Skills: She started as a beginner, but now she’s at an intermediate level of biking – she can handle tougher trails.
  3. Dance Class: The dance class is designed for intermediate dancers who have some experience but want to improve their technique.
  4. Math Level: After completing the basic math courses, he moved on to intermediate math, tackling more complex problems.
  5. Swimming Lessons: The intermediate swimming class focuses on refining strokes and building endurance beyond the beginner stage.
  6. Guitar Playing: He can play a few songs and some chords; he’s at an intermediate level in his guitar playing.
  7. Cooking Skills: She’s no longer a beginner cook, but she’s still working on her intermediate cooking techniques.
  8. Programming Skills: After learning the basics, he’s now taking intermediate programming courses to enhance his coding abilities.
  9. Hiking Trails: The intermediate hiking trail offers a moderate challenge, suitable for those who have some hiking experience.
  10. Yoga Class: The intermediate yoga class includes more advanced poses and techniques compared to the beginner class.

Intermediate: Usage In Sentences

  1. Sarah’s piano skills were at an intermediate level; she could play some moderately challenging pieces but still had room to improve.
  2. The hiking trail was marked as intermediate, requiring a bit more stamina and experience than the easy trails.
  3. After completing the beginner’s swimming class, he enrolled in the intermediate class to refine his strokes and build his endurance.
  4. The cooking workshop was designed for intermediate chefs who wanted to learn more advanced culinary techniques.
  5. The language course catered to learners with intermediate language skills, helping them to progress beyond basic conversations.
  6. After a few months of practicing, she moved from the beginner’s dance class to the intermediate one, where the routines were more complex.
  7. The programming course offered both beginner and intermediate levels, allowing students to build their coding expertise gradually.
  8. He’s taking an intermediate photography workshop to further develop his skills in capturing more challenging subjects and compositions.
  9. The travel agency organized an intermediate-level biking tour that included both uphill challenges and downhill thrills.
  10. The math competition was open to students with intermediate math knowledge, testing their problem-solving abilities beyond the basics.

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