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IDC Full Form

Full FormCategoryTerm
International Data CorporationCompany NameIDC
Industrial Design CentreInstituteIDC
Information Distribution CompanyTelecommunicationIDC
Internet Direct ConnectionNetworkingIDC
Internet Database ConnectorNetworkingIDC
Interim Domain ControllerNetworkingIDC
Tech Core Idc File Bitmap GraphicsFile TypeIDC
Internet Database Connector DocumentFile TypeIDC
Ida C Language Source Code FileFile TypeIDC
Internet Data ConnectorSoftwaresIDC
Image Data CaptureSoftwaresIDC
Insulation Displacement ConnectionElectronicsIDC
International Discussion ClubMessagingIDC
I Don’t CareMessagingIDC
Indirect ComparisonMessagingIDC
Intangible Drilling CostAccounts and FinanceIDC
Interest During ConstructionAccounts and FinanceIDC
Imblms (integrated Medical and Behavioral Laboratory Measurement System) Digital ComputerSpace ScienceIDC
Integrated Displays and ControlsSpace ScienceIDC
Interface Document ControlSpace ScienceIDC
Initial Demonstration of CapabilitySpace ScienceIDC
Ion Drive CraftSpace ScienceIDC
Interactive Dynamics and ControlSpace ScienceIDC
Imputed Days of ContributionEarth ScienceIDC
Insulation Displacement ContactPhysics RelatedIDC
Information Dominance CenterMilitary and DefenceIDC
Independent Duty CorpsmenMilitary and DefenceIDC
Instructor Development CourseMilitary and DefenceIDC


IDC is the world’s leading provider of market intelligence in the information technology, telecom and consumer technology markets. IDC has more than 1,100 analysts around the world, supported by strong investments in research methodology, and more than 300,000. End users are surveyed each year. IDC provides global, regional and local expertise on technology, industry opportunities, and trends in more than 110 countries.

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IDC covers IT, telecommunications, consumer technology markets, but also has extensive coverage in Energy, Financial, Government, Health, Manufacturing, Retail, SMB, and Manufacturing.

Patrick J. McGovern founded IDC in 1964. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of International Data Group (IDG). IDG is the leading media, data, and marketing services company in the world that activates and engages technology buyers. IDC has offices in more than 50 countries and is headquartered in Framingham (Massachusetts), USA.

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