What is HP in its full form?

HP: Hewlett-Packard

HP stands for Hewlett-Packard. It is an American multinational IT company, which provides software and hardware related products and services. Its headquarters are in Palo Alto (California), USA. Its logo is a lowercase “hp”, in italic letters, within a circle. Hewlett-Packard’s CEO is Meg Whitman, as of 2015.

William Hewlett, Dave Packard and others founded HP in 1939. This company was founded in a Palo Alto garage. Their first product was an oscillator for audio. The company grew steadily and was the second-largest PC vendor worldwide in 2013.

HP Inc. and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) were to be separated in 2014. HP Inc., also known as HP, is a company that focuses on personal computers and printing. HPE is for enterprise technology, storage and security.

HP Inc. (HP), is currently manufacturing and developing a broad range of products, including computer systems, scanners, and storage devices.

Milestones for HP Key Milestones

These are some of the most important milestones at HP:

  • In 1957, it became a public corporation.
  • In 1959, HP created a marketing agency in Geneva and a German manufacturing plant.
  • It was listed on New York Stock Exchange in 1961.
  • It was included in the Fortune 500 List in 1962.
  • It entered the Asian market in 1963.
  • 1964 saw William Hewlett elected President of HP, and Dave Packard elected CEO and Chairman of HP’s Board.
  • The HP 2116A was introduced by HP in 1966.
  • The HP-35, the first scientific calculator, was introduced by HP in 1972.
  • The HP-85, HP’s first personal computer, was introduced by HP in 1980.
  • In 1983, HP introduced the touchscreen PC.
  • HP’s LaserJet Printer was introduced in 1984.
  • In 1993, HP introduced Omnibook 300.
  • HP launched Superdome in 2000 as a UNIX server to support e-commerce customers.
  • The wireless mouse was introduced by HP in 2011.

Discuss the Full Form and Meaning of HP

HP’s full form means Hewlett Packard is a multinational IT company located in California. HP offers a wide range of software, hardware, and allied services to consumers, small businesses. 

HP was split into two units in 1999 due to business exigencies. One company retained its former name while the other named Agilent Technologies. This company manufactures testing and measurement equipment while HP concentrates on manufacturing computers and printers. In 2015, HP was again split into HP Inc and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. 

History of HP

The company was founded in 1939 inside a garage in Palo Alto, California. Bill Hewlett founded it, and Dave Packard and the first product was an audio oscillator. Their first customer was Walt Disney. 

HP entered the computer market in 1966 with its product HP 2116A. It was designed to control HP’s largest production base of measuring equipment. Through the ’70s, HP continued to devise innovative products and market computer systems. 

By the 80’s HP had devised a full range of computer equipment from large personal computers to peripherals. In 2002, HP acquired Compaq.  In the ’90s, HP focused its energies on building computer cartridges and toners and brought printing revolutions. 

During the current decade, HP launched its services and devised the blade system and offered smart cooling technologies. By 2010 HP was already producing 200 million instant ink toners and manufactured the world’s fastest printer PageWide. 

Products of HP

Hewlett Packard (HP meaning) is a large conglomerate that produces a broad category of products. Its main manufacturing line is, of course, printers and personal laptops. Apart from that, HP also products various toner and inkjet cartridges. The offices of HP are spread all over the world and operate through subsidiary companies and franchises. 

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Marketing Strategy of HP

The marketing strategy of HP has always been focused on branding its products focused on its strength. Superior category of products, innovative commercials, software development, data analytics, and IT infrastructure. 

Apart from that HP acquisition of Compaq Computers, Indigo SnapFish, Pixaco has brought tremendous resources for the company. 

HP has partnered with numerous technology firms and rewards sellers in the company’s marketing activities. HP also engages in sales training activities and co-marketing support for upper-level participants.

The company has also utilized social media channels perfectly. HP engages young customers by focusing on social media channels and updates their social handles regularly. This strategy has helped HP to promote structured content to its consumers through social media feeds. 

Another topspin marketing strategy of HP has been the ability to produce low-cost solutions and fulfill the IT needs of small businesses. This strategy has been exemplified by HP in the developing nations to create classic products customized to personal needs. 


Hewlett-Packard’s research center in theParis-SaclayclusterFrance,?

The headquarters of HP in Palo Alto (California) was responsible for HP’s global operations. The US operations of HP were managed from its Texas facility, located in unincorporated Harris County, Texas near Houston. Its Latin America offices were in unincorporated Miami-Dade County, Florida. Its Europe offices were located in Meyrin in Switzerland. However, it also had a research centre in Paris-Saclay, France, 20km south of Paris. Its Asia-Pacific offices were in Singapore.[101][102][103][104][105][106][excessive citations]

It also operated in Leixlip (Ireland);[107] Austin; Texas; Boise; Idaho; Corvallis; Oregon; Fort Collins; Colorado; Roseville; California; Saint Petersburg; Florida; San Diego; California; Tulsa; Oklahoma; Vancouver; Washington; Conway; Arkansas; and Plano. HP UK was headquartered in Bracknell in Berkshire. It also had offices in several locations in the UK, including the landmark Tower of London, 88 Wood Street. The acquisition of 3Com allowed HP to expand its workforce to Marlborough in Massachusetts. Since late 2019, the company has been producing its convertible laptop series from that location. [108] Additionally, the company had large staff and many offices in Bucharest, Romania and Bangalore, India to handle their IT operations and back-end. MphasiS, which is headquartered at Bangalore, also enabled HP to increase their footprint in the city as it was a subsidiary of EDS which the company acquired.

Products and organizational structure

Japan HP office

HP produced lines of printers, scanners, digital cameras, calculators, personal digital assistants, servers, workstation computers, and computers for home and small-business use; many of the computers came from the 2002 merger with Compaq. In 2001, HP promoted itself as providing not only hardware and software but also full-service IT support services.

The Imaging and Printing Group (IPG), HP, was described in 2005 by the company as “the world’s leading provider of printer hardware, printing supplies, and scanning devices. It provides solutions for all customer segments, from small and medium businesses to large corporations.”[109]

Hewlett-Packard’s 2014 desktop, monitor, and laptop

2003 – iPAQ Pocket PC h4150

IPG technology and products include:

HP released iPrint Photo iPhone on December 23, 2008.[110]

HP’s Personal Systems Group (PSG), was claimed by HP in 2005 as “one of the top vendors of personal computers (“PCs”) worldwide based on annual revenue and unit volume shipped”.[109] PSG was:

  • Accessories and PCs for business
  • Consumer PCs and Accessories (e.g. HP Pavilion, Compaq Presario or VoodooPC).
  • Handheld computing (e.g. iPAQ Pocket PC).
  • digital “connected” entertainment (e.g., HP MediaSmart TVs, HP MediaSmart Servers, HP MediaVaults, DVD+RW drives)
  • Apple iPod (until November 2005).[109]
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HP Enterprise Business (EB), which incorporated HP Technology Services, Enterprise Services (an amalgamation from the former EDS and what was then known as HP Services), and HP Enterprise Business (a href=”https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HP_Software_Division” title=”HP Software Division”>HP Software Division/a>. HP Enterprise Security Services oversaw professional services such as network security, information security and information assurance/compliancy, HP Software Division, and Enterprise Servers, Storage and Networking Group (ESSN). Enterprise Servers, Storage and Networking Groups (ESSN) were responsible for “back-end” products such as storage and servers. HP Networking (former ProCurve) was responsible for the NW family of products.

An HP camera with anSDIOInterface designed to be used in conjunction with a Pocket PC

HP Software Division was the company’s enterprise software unit, which produced and marketed its brand of enterprise-management software, HP OpenView. In September 2005, HP Software purchased several software companies in a deliberate, publicized strategy to increase its offerings for large businesses customers.

HP Software also offers software as a Service (SaaS), cloud computing solutions and software services including consulting, education and support.

The Office of Strategy and Technology [112] at HP had four major functions.

  • To direct the $3.6 billion in research and development investments of the company
  • To encourage the growth of the company’s technical community around the world
  • Assist in the development of the company’s strategy.
  • To carry out global corporate marketing activities

The research arm of HP is called HP Labs.

HP also offers managed services, which provide IT-support solutions to other organizations and companies. These include:

  • Offering “Professional Support” as well as desktop “Premier Support”, for Microsoft in EMEA. This was performed at the Leixlip campus in Dublin, Sofia, and Israel. Microsoft Windows, Exchange and SharePoint were all supported.
  • outsourced services for companies like Bank of Ireland, some UK banks, the U.S. defense forces.
  • the computerisation project at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Notable people

Corporate social responsibility

The company announced in July 2007 that it had achieved its 2004 goal to recycle one million pounds of electronics, ink cartridges, and toner.[117] In 2010, the company set a new goal to recycle two billion more pounds of hardware before the end of 2010. The company recovered 187million pounds of electronics in 2006.[118]

HP published its 2008 supply chain emissions data in 2008. [119]

Newsweek ranked HP No.1 in September 2009. Newsweek ranked HP No. 1 in its 2009 Green Rankings. [120] Environmental Leader (now Environment + Energy Leader) stated that HP was number one because of its greenhouse gas emission reduction programs. It also became the first major IT company, according to the ranking, to report GHG emissions from its supply chain. Despite HP’s efforts to eliminate toxic substances from its products Greenpeace has criticized the company. “[121]

Corporate Responsibility Magazine’s 100 Best Corporate Citizens List 2010 ranked HP at the top. [122] HP beat other Russell 1000 Index companies due to its leadership in seven categories, including corporate philanthropy and climate change. HP was fifth in 2009[123].

Fortune magazine ranked HP as one of the Most Admired Companies Worldwide in 2010. 2 in the computer industry, and No. It ranked 32 in the overall list of top 50. In the computer industry, HP was ranked No. [124]

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HP released its Global Responsibility Report in May 2011. [125] This report provides an overview of HP’s global citizenship programs and performance. It also describes how HP used technology, influence and expertise to make positive impacts on the world. The 2009 report was awarded the best corporate responsibility report. [126] It claims that HP’s total energy consumption has decreased by 9 percent compared to 2008. HP recovered a total of 118,000 tonnes of electronic products and supplies for recycling in 2009, including 61 million print cartridges.[127][better source needed]

HP was praised for its “safety-first design” and following green chemistry principles in a San Francisco Chronicle article published April 2010. Environment California, an environmental advocacy organization, commended HP for its efforts to conserve the environment.

In May 2010, HP was named one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies by Ethisphere Institute. It was one 100 companies that were awarded the top honor and the only vendor of computer hardware to be so honored.

HP was listed in Greenpeace‘s Guide to Greener Electronics that ranks electronics manufacturers according to their policies on sustainability, energy and climate, and green products. With a score 5.9, HP was first (out of 15), in this ranking. With a score of 5.9, HP was first in this ranking (out of 15) in November 2011.

The company was ranked No. 4 in the Ponemon Institute’s annual study of the most trusted companies for privacy and security. In 2010, HP was ranked No. 4 in Ponemon Institute’s annual study of the most trusted businesses for privacy.[132]

HP China was awarded the “10 Year Contribution” award after it won nine consecutive annual “Most Respected Company in China” awards from Peking University and the Economic Observer.

The Enough Project placed HP second among 24 companies in its 2012 ranking of consumer electronics companies on progress related to conflict minerals. [137]


Hewlett-Packard sponsorPorsche 997 GT3 Cup

The HP Pavilion in San Jose was sponsored by the company (now).SAP CenterSan Jose, home to theNHLSan Jose Sharks.

According to a 2009 BusinessWeek survey, HP was the 11th most valuable brand in the world. [138]

HP was a sponsor for many events, including Mission: SPACE at Walt Disney World Resort in Epcot. [139] Also, from 1995 to 1999 and again starting in 2013, HP was the shirt sponsor of the Premier League club. title=”Tottenham Hotspur F.C. Title=”Tottenham Hotspur F.C.

After the acquisition of Compaq in 2002, HP maintained the Compaq Presario brand on low-end home desktops and laptops, the HP Compaq brand on business desktops and laptops, and the HP ProLiant brand on Intel-architecture servers. The HP Pavilion brand was used for all home desktops and home entertainment laptops.

Tandem’s non-stop servers were rebranded “HP Integrity NonStop” [144].



HP corrected its March 2003 cash flow from operations for the first quarter, and reduced it by 18% due to an accounting error. Actual cash flow from operations was $647million, not $791million as reported. HP transferred $144 million to net cash for investing activities.

Spying scandal

Main article: Hewlett-Packard spying scandal

Shawn Cabalfin of Newsweek and David O’Neil wrote on September 5, 2006 that HP’s general Counsel hired an independent team of security experts to investigate several board members and journalists. [146] The pretexting involved private investigators using pretexting to impersonate HP board members and nine journalists (including reporters from CNET, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal) to get their phone records. The leaked information was about HP’s long-term strategy. It was published in a CNET article [148] in

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