How to Write a bank statement request letter to Manager| To inquire about balance, call SBI at any time

bank statement letter

A bank statement is a summary listing all transactions made by an individual or company. This article will show you how to write a request for a bank statement application to your manager.

The Statement is usually issued by the Bank on a monthly basis. The Bank Statement includes a list of all transactions, deposits, withdrawals in cash or cheques, bank charges, and fees for any services. Banks mail the statements to customers every month by direct mail or keep them in their branches for pick-up. The Bank statement is essential to keep track of income and expenses. Let’s find out how to request a Bank statement from the Manager.

Today, more people have internet access and online banking. Account-holders can view their bank statements through net banking. Account-holders can view and download their bank statements through net banking. Sometimes we may need hardcopy, so we must write to the manager to request a bank statement.

Format for Application Letter to Bank Manager

1. 1. On the left side of the letter, write the details for the recipient. We are writing this letter for the Bank Manager in our case.recipientHere are the names of the managers at the bank to which we are sending the letter. You must include the name of your bank, the name and address of the branch, as well as the area zip code in your letter.

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2. 2.Write the date you are writing this letter. One line should be left after the recipient details.

3. 3.This letter is being written by you.Bank statement Manager Please write your name, address and area code. If you are representing a company, write the address and details.

4. SubjectThe subject is a brief description of why you are writing this letter, or what the letter is about. Your subject is what people see first when they read your e-mail or letter. Let’s say you are writing this letter asking for your bank statement.XXXXRegister nowxxxDate xxxDate Subject is an important part of formal letters. It lets the recipient know the contents of the letter.

5. Salutation-Always give the person a salutation. Use Mr. Mrs. Respected Sir/ Madam. This is the salutation you need to use to address this letter to the Bank Manager.

6. 6.The body of your letter is the most important. You should always divide the body into two or more paragraphs. TheFirst paragraphIntroduce yourself and write the purpose of your letter.

The second paragraph should be more specific. You can include the reason you are writing the bank statement request letter as well as other details. Finally, summarize your purpose and state what you expect.

7. End with an appropriate salutation ends your letter by signing Your sincere, Name, and Signature.

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Request for bank statements to Manage

The Manager
State Bank of India
Block A Karol Bagh Branch
New Delhi 110005


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Mr Pritam Singh Chouhan
Road number Road No. 12
Sector 7, Rohini 110085

SubjectRequesting a Bank Statement

Respect Madam/ Sir.

I am Pritam Singh Chuhan. This is my request to you for a bank statement. My account number is 3456-8456-7588, and I’d be grateful if you could provide my Bank Statement for the Months of February and March.

Please send me my Bank statement as soon as possible, since I have to file my income tax return for the current financial year. We appreciate your promptness in this matter.

We are grateful.

Thank you for being sincere

Pritam Singh Chouhan

letter for bank statement

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We hope you find this Detailed Formal Bank Statement Request Letter to Manager helpful. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about this letter. Please use the comments section below to reach us. __S.100__

mobile number registration in sbi
application for bank statement

SBI Quick, a free service provided by State bank of India, allows you to get account details such as updated account balance and Mini-statement by simply calling or SMSing from your registered mobile number. You are here because you have an SBI account and would like to learn more about the ‘SBI Toll Free Number for Balance Enquiry’. We have provided all details regarding SBI toll-free number for balance enquiry in this article.

You can download the SBI Quick Application for Android, IOS, or Blackberry devices from your app store. To access SBI toll-free number for balance inquiry service, you don’t require an internet connection once installed. Communication would occur over SMS Banking or Missed Call.

How to register for SBI SMS Banking

To use the SBI Quick Missed Call Banking Service, you must first complete the one-time registration. Follow the steps below to complete the registration process.

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SBI Missed Call Banking Balance Inquiry Number

After you have registered, you can use the SBI Quick Missed Call Banking service offered to SBI.


Call Missed to check your Account balance09223766666Your registered mobile number. To receive a Mini-Statement for your 5 most recent transactions, give missed call09223866666After 2-3 rings, your phone will automatically be cut. You will then receive an SMS from SBI containing your account details.

SBI SMS Banking Balance Enquiry No.


To get information about your account balance, mini statement, cheque status, and many other details, you can send an SMS to your registered mobile number.

  • Send an SMS to “Check Account Balance”BAL09223766666
  • Send an SMS to get Mini-StatementMSTMT09223866666
  • New Cheque Book Request Send an “CHQREQ09223588888
  • Last 6 Months E-Statement Send an SMS‘ESTMT To 09223588888
  • Send SMS to get an interest certificate for your Home LoanHLI To 09223588888

Please note:Any 4-digit code will be used for encryption of the PDF sent to your email.

Hope you got a lot to know about bank statement application. We have tried to give you information about the bank statement request letter, application for bank statement, letter for bank statement, bank statement letter.

Along with this, we have been told about application for bank statement, If you still have any question in your mind about bank statement application then you can ask us by commenting in the comment box below.

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