How to resolve the BHIM App “UPI Registration Failed” issue

The application supports all Indian banks which use UPI, which is built over the Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) infrastructure and allows the user to instantly transfer money between bank accounts of any two parties

Bharat Interface For Money (BHIM), a new feature in banking, has gained popularity in India. The UPI payment method is most commonly used online in banking under the Digital India Campaign. The first app to use UPI payments is BHIM App. This guide will help you if you have any problems with the registration process for the BHIM app. This article will explain how to fix the BHIM UPI registration failure issue.

iPhone users: How do I fix the BHIM App UPI Registration Failure issue? What is the solution?


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How to resolve the problem of “UPI Registration Failed” in BHIMApp

There may be many reasons why this issue occurs. We will investigate all possible causes and find a solution.

Solution 1: Check that the SIM has been inserted into SIM Slot 1.

A Dual SIM tray is a feature that many phones offer. We make SMS sending to SIM 1 most of the time. If you enter your Bank registered mobile number in SIM slot2, the BHIM App may not be able to send the message from SIM2


Due to this problem, UPI registration cannot be completed, and you may get the error “UPI registration failed”.

Solution 2 – Ensure Balance in the SIM to solve UPI registration failed issue.


UPI registration can be done by SMS To send the SMS, you must have a balance. Verification cannot be done if there isn’t a balance on your Bank mobile number.

This issue can be solved by recharging your phone with an available topup, or SMS pack.

“Solution 3: Check that your mobile number is within the Network range.

If your mobile doesn’t have coverage and you use Wifi to download the app then SMS sending may fail. This issue can cause UPI registration to fail.

You can try to resolve the problem by moving to an area with good network coverage and then registering again.

Solution 4 – Check that your number is registered with the Bank.

It is possible that your mobile number has not been registered with the Bank. This means that the UPI app may not be able to identify you and therefore, registration fails.

Registering a Bank mobile number will solve this problem. To link your Bank account to your mobile number, visit your local bank branch.

Solution 5: Keep one SIM in your smartphone

Sometimes UPI App (BHIM App), may not detect the correct SIM card from your two SIM cards. This could lead to the “UPI Registration Failed” error. To solve this issue, just remove the other SIM from the phone and keep your Bank registered mobile number in SIM slot1

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Solution 6 – Try to wait a while as servers might be busy.

UPI service, which is rapidly growing, has been subject to blackouts many times. This could be due to server overload.

It is possible to wait and register again for BHIM UPI.

Solution 7 – Disable VoLTE on your phone

This excellent solution was provided by one of our readers. After trying all of the solutions, nothing worked. Then he switched off his phone’s VoLTE feature and the BHIM UPI registration was successful.

Go to your account to turn off VOLTE.Settings -> Wireless and Communications -> SIM settings. -> Turn off VoLTE

Solution 8 – Fully register your mobile number in the Bank. This is not only for SMS reception.

Some banks will only register your mobile phone number to notify you of withdrawal notifications. You will need to link your bank account with your mobile number by visiting Branch. Once you have registered your mobile number with your account you will be able to register for UPI

. If you fail to register, the problem will be resolved.

Solution 9- Disable Wi-Fi Connection.

Sometimes, the UPI app must be run on the SIM card Internet in order to verify SIM details. Turn off Wifi connections if you are connected to the internet via Wifi.

Solution 10 – Approve the necessary permission

The app will ask you for permission to start the app. You may receive BHIM App UPI Registration Failed issue if you deny such permissions. You can give permissions to App by uninstalling the app and installing it from the store/app store.

You can also verify if permissions have been granted to the BHIM app using the settings->Apps->click on All apps, then select BHIM App->Select permissions. You can then enable all permissions needed by the app.

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Solution 11 – Reinstall the BHIM App

If none of these methods work, you can remove the app from your device and reinstall it by downloading the App store or play store.

Solution 12 – Disable Wifi Calling feature

In India, some networks have recently introduced wifi calling. This feature is still in beta and may not be fully implemented. You might experience issues sending and receiving SMS when you register on the BHIM App.

Go to settings -> Network connections -> Wifi calling turn off the feature. Restart the phone and then you can register on the BHIM App.

Solution 13 – Install BHIM app using mobile data

These are the steps to a successful installation

  1. Remove the Bhim App already installed.
  2. Soft Reset (Hold Power Button + Home Button until your phone turns off, and the Apple logo appears).
  3. Make sure the Wifi is off
  4. The App can be downloaded and installed with Mobile Data.
  5. The verification of mobile numbers was successful this time.

How do I fix the BHIM App UPI Registration Failure issue in iPhone What is the best way to fix a BHIM App UPI registration failure issue in iPhone?

iPhone users may experience issues sending SMS via the iPhone and not using BHIM App.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Messages from the iPhone’s home screen.
  2. Swipe left to access an app that isn’t on your Home screenApp Library.
  3. Tap theSend SMSSwitch to toggle ON/OFF.
  4. When enabled, the iMessage functionality in iPhone will be disabled and normal SMS will be activated. Now messages can be sent as SMS.SummaryThe error was “UPI registration failedThere are many reasons why ” in the BHIM-UPI may occur. This post will provide you with solutions and information about the issues that could cause this problem.

If you still have a UPI registration failure issue, please write your queries and questions in the comments section below.

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