How To Recover Forgot UAN Number Online

You can retrieve your forgotten UAN number by making a missed phone call to 011-22901406 or by using the “know Your UAN” option on the UAN portal. Or, by contacting your HR department.

You can search the UAN member portal online if you’re unable to locate your forgotten UAN via missed calls.

How to recover your UAN (Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation) number online

Step 1Go to the for your forgotten UAN.UAN member portal website and click onKnow your UANOption on the homepage

how to recover forgot uan online
uan number forgot

Step 2Enter your PF mobile number or any other number that isn’t yet linked to PF accounts. Enter the following:CaptchaClick on Request OTP to appear on the screen

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Step 3Once you have validated the OTP, a new page will be opened. Here enter yourName?DOBSelect yourAadhar(or)PAN(or)PF member ID.

Notice:If your PF account does not have a link with your Aadhar & PAN, then you can choose to.Member IDOption.

Step 4Enter your Aadhar, PAN or PF member ID and then click on the captcha.Show me my UAN. You can now see your UAN on screen.

how to get back forgot uan number online
i forgot my uan number

There are other ways to recover your UAN

  1. Don’t miss a call011-22901406Within 1-2 minutes, your PF mobile number will be registered and you will receive your PF details via text message to your mobile phone number.
  2. Your HR / Accounts department will have the PF information of employees. They will be able to give you your UAN number.
  3. Check your payslips, some companies print UAN numbers on payslips, if you are lucky then you can find your UAN there.
  4. You can check your mobile inbox for old messages. Sometimes EPFO will send you text messages when your employer credits your PF account with the PF amount. You can also find your UAN in those text messages.
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I Forgot my UAN Number and Mobile Number. What should I do?

  • You don’t need a PF registered number to know your UAN number. If your KYC, such as Aadhar or bank are already linked with your PF accounts (or if you have your PF account number), then you can use that number.
  • If you meet the above requirements, then you can quickly find your forgotten UAN by using the know my UAN option on the UAN portal.
  • If you do not meet any of these requirements, you should contact your HR department.


How do I find my old UAN number?

You can find out the name of your former company.PF account numberThe UAN portal will allow you to find the UAN of your former company. If you don’t know the UAN, you can contact the HR department at the company or check your pay slips.If my KYC is not linked to my PF account, how can I obtain my UAN?

You can use PF member id option (or) contact your employer, because they will have the data of their employee in the form of monthly ECR statements.How do I retrieve my UAN portal password?What is the best way to get started?

Step 1: Visit the UAN member portal.
Step 2Select the forgot password option.
Step 3: Enter your UAN number and the captcha shown on the screen.
Step 4Select the mobile number and click on Send OTP.
Step 5:Enter the OTP now and create a new password to your UAN member portal.How do I get a UAN if my employer doesn’t run their business right now? What is the best way to get started?

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You will need to visit your PF office in this case, as they are the only ones who can provide your UAN.Can I withdraw my PF with no UAN number?

It is impossible to withdraw the PF amount without an UAN number. This applies both online and offline.What happens if my UAN number is not available?

You cannot access your PF passbook without your UAN. Your KYC cannot be linked to your PF account. Finally, your PF amount cannot be withdrawn online without your UAN.What are the maximum number of UAN numbers a person can have?

You can only have one UAN. If you have multiple UANs, you will need to transfer your PF balance from the old PF accounts to the new account. Aadhar is required to open a PF account. In the future, however, another UAN cannot be opened with the same Aadhar number.

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