How to get Canara Bank Mini statement by SMS or missed call

How to get Canara Bank Mini statement by SMS or missed call

It is much easier to get a current or savings account balance. Customers used to have to visit the bank to check their balance. Now, we can check the Bank balance by sending one SMS or missing a call. We have provided instructions on how to check canara bank balance by mini statement by SMS or Missed Call.

You may need a statement to verify recent debit/credit transactions in your Canara bank account. You can get a mini statement by visiting an ATM and then printing the canara bank mini statement number at an ATM. This service is now at your fingertips. This method can also be used to inquire about your bank balance at PerforCanarara. You don’t have to visit any ATM to see a small statement about your account.

First of all, you need to register your mobile number in canara bank balance sms to avail this service If you not register your mobile number in Canara bank yet, follow this guide

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Register your mobile number at Canara bank

  1. Ask for a KYC form at your Canara branch.
  2. Fill in your mobile number and other details. Sign the document.
  3. Officials at the bank will verify your details, and then register your mobile number into your account.
  4. You can now use your mobile number to make a small statement

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How To Get Bank Of India Mini Statement By Missed Call Or SMS

Get canara bank mini statement number using missed call

  1. You can open a phone dialpad from your mobile phone.
  2. Now dial a number 09015734734To get the mini statement in English Dial09015613613 To get theCanara bank mini statement in Hindi.
  3. Toll-free number. This means that you won’t be charged for calling the number.
  4. Calls will automatically be disconnected after dialing the number.
  5. You will be able to receive an SMS shortly with the mini statement of your bank account credit/debit data.
  6. This mini statement shows the 5 most recent transactions from your Canara bank accounts.

Balance check for Canara bank SMS

This is the quickest way to check your Canara bank account balance.

  1. To reach your registered mobile number, dial 09015483483
  2. To check your Canara bank SMS balance, give a missed phone call
  3. The number is toll free and will automatically disconnect.
  4. Within a matter of seconds, you’ll receive an SMS with your account balance.

How to obtain a Canara Bank statement online via Internet Banking

In some instances, you will need the full account statement for your bank account. in this situation Mini statement method is not applicable and to get a full statement of your account, you have to visit the bank or login to your Canara bank internet banking to get it.

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SBI account statement without Internet banking

  • Open this URL –, and Login with your Canara bank internet banking login details.
  • Select your duration – i.e 3 months, 6 months, 1 year or custom date.Canara Bank Mini statement
  • The account statement can be viewed on the screen.
  • To print your Canara bank statement, click on the Print button.
  • Print it using a printer, or save it in PDF to keep an e-copy. Save the Environment.


It is simple to obtain a mini Canara bank statement. You can obtain it by a missed call. To get it, register your mobile number with your bank and link your primary account number to it. You can get a complete statement of your account via internet banking or by visiting a bank branch.

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