How to deposit a cheque in SBI bank? | how to fill cheque for self withdrawal

Indian bank cheques are still a popular mode of payment. It is still possible to fill out a cheque book and pay it to someone. This is a trusted method of payment. In this digital era, depositing a cheque is found very inconvenient to some peoples. Some banks have clever ways to deposit a check. This guide will show you how to deposit a check in SBI bank. It will also help reduce your time in the bank.

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You will need to have a SBI cheque deposited

  1. Your account number– Your account number must be known
  2. Debit cardTo use a CDM machine, you must have an ATM/Debit card.

how to deposit a cheque in SBI Bank via CDM machine

Cash Deposit Machine (CDM), a machine that collects cheques, is similar to ATM. To verify your account details, you will need to insert your check into the machine.

  1. Place your SBI debit card at the closest CDM of SBI.
  2. Enter the PIN Your debit card.
  3. Now insert the cheque according to the screen. The orientation should match the image.
  4. Before you insert the cheque, ensure that the cheque isn’t folded in the corners or in the middle. If it does, straighten the cheque and insert it.
  5. The screen will display the image of your cheque after you have inserted it. After verifying that the cheque has been correctly scanned, press the CONFIRM Click here
  6. You will now receive a printed receipt with the cheque number. Check the details, then exit the machine.
  7. You will receive your money within three working days.
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This is how you can get your cash credited the same day.

  1. You can go to the SBI branch where you have your account.
  2. Ask for a cheque deposit slip at the helpdesk.
  3. Please fill out the cheque deposit slip with your account information, cheque number and branch name.
  4. If the amount exceeds 50,000 rupees, make sure you mention your PAN card number.
  5. Attach the slip to your check and send it to the deposit counter.
  6. If the cheque is in order, your money will be credited to your account the same day.

Frequently Asked Questions About SBI Cheque Deposit, how to fill up cheque

1. Can I deposit a cheque in any branch at SBI?

Answer You can deposit cheques in any SBI branch in India. Make sure you have two sections in your dropbox: local cheques, and outstation cheques. Drop the cheque into the appropriate compartment.

2.  how to deposit a cheque ?

Answe rFirst, look for the CDM machine at the bank. It’s easy to deposit your cheque into the CDM. The second option is to use the branch’s cheque dropbox. Fill out the slip and attach the cheque. The third step is to deposit the cheque and a completed slip on the counter.

3. Which is the fastest method to deposit a check in cash?

Answer The cheque writers bank is the fastest place to deposit a check and get the money. You can cash the cheque at the bank that issued it. Only a bearer of the cheque will be able to use this method. Cross-cheque: To get the money the same day, you must go to your bank branch to deposit the cheque.

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4.  how to deposit a cheque online?

Answe rAs of the writing of this article, there is no such service in India. The CDM is the best way to safely deposit cheques.

5. Is it possible to clear a check faster?

Answer Yes. You can have the money deposited the same day as you submitted the cheque at the same branch that maintains your account.

6. How do I deposit a check in my bank account?

Answer To avoid having to go to the bank, you can use a cheque deposit machine (CDM). CDM’s can be found near ATMs, but not as many as ATMs. Find your nearest CDM for faster cheque deposit process.


This guide will show you how to deposit a check in SBI bank. You can reach us via the comments section below if you have any questions or doubts about the information in this article.

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