How to do Kotak debit card PIN generation online in 5 minutes

Online, Kotak Bank allows you to generate your PIN for your Kotak Debit card. You will need to generate the PIN online to activate your Kotak Debit Card. This guide will show you how to generate a PIN online for your Kotak debit card. There are many ways to generate your PIN online.

Items required to generate a Kotak Bank PIN

  1. To generate your PIN online, you will need a debit card number and an expert date.
  2. You should always have your bank’s mobile number with you.
  3. Internet banking Password and User ID
  4. Kotak CRN number for registering on Kotak 811 App.

Two ways to create an online PIN for your Kotak bank debit cards

  1. Via Internet banking
  2. Via Kotak App 811

Each method will be described in detail.

Method 1: How do you generate a Kotak Debit card pin through Internet banking?

  1. Open the Kotak Internet banking website on your smartphone/computer –
  2. Click the Login button to enter your CRN password.
  3. The OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number. You will be prompted to enter the OTP on the next screen.
  4. Click on the button at the top of the page.Debit cardOption.
  5. Click on the to view your debit card information.Create a PINOption from the page
  6. Select your Card number on the next page and enter the new PIN you choose. You can enter a four-digit or six-digit PIN.enter new PIN in kotak internet banking
  7. Click on the next screen to confirm your card number.ConfirmClick here
  8. Your PIN is now set, and you can use your card for online transactions or cash withdrawal at ATM with the new PIN.your pin is now set

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Method 2: Kotak debit card PIN generation via the Kotak 811 app

  1. Download Kotak 811 App via the App Store or Play Store.Download Kotak 811 App for AndroidDownload Kotak 811 App for iOS
    1. Register for Kotak811 app using your registered mobile phone number, CRN. To login to the app, create a MPIN.
    2. Tap on the Homepage to go to theDebit cardOption from Cards Section.
    3. Now tap on theCreate a PINOption.
    4. To verify, enter your six-digit MPIN.
    5. Enter the new pin you choose. Also, re-enter the PIN to verify that you have entered it correctly.set new pin from kotak 811 app
    6. Click on theSubmitClick the button and your Kotak Debit Card PIN generation process will be complete.
    You must readDownload Kotak Mahindra bank statements in just 2 minutesSummary-Online, you can create a Kotak Debit card pin using the internet banking or via mobile app. We have shown both methods to generate a Kotak Debit Card PIN in this guide. You can ask questions, make suggestions, or have doubts about the information in this article by commenting below.
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