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UPI is a new payment system that was launched in India. Under #DigitalIndia campaign, the UPI has emerged a lot and has become a widely used payment method than other methods. UPI payments are a popular choice for Indian youth. They can be paid using the UPI ID, Account number/IFSC or even the mobile number. The six-digit UPI PIN must be used for UPI payments. It will be impossible to use any UPI app or transact if you forgot upi pin . This post will help you if you forgot your UPI PIN while using UPI apps. This post will help you reset upi pin and how to change upi pin in phonepe if you forget it. how to change upi pin?

Unified Payment Interface (UPI), is technology that allows you to send money without an account number, but only with a unique UPI ID. With UPI you can check balance, transfer money from your phone with or Without internet.

Are you looking for your UPI PIN number? Here are the steps to reset your UPI PIN.

UPI transactions are authenticated using six digits (or four digits in some cases). You will be unable to complete any UPI transactions if you forget your PIN. You will need to complete some tasks in order to reset your UPI PIN.

  • Step1 Open the UPI app to reset your UPI PIN. We will use the BHIM app to reset our PIN in this instance.
  • Step2 After opening the BHIM App, click on Bank Account option from the main screen.
  • Step3 Next, open the screen and click on Reset PIN.
  • Step4 Enter your 6 digits debit card number and expiry date in MMYY format.
  • Step5 To avoid entering card expiry details, simply tick the Maestro card option.
  • Step6 Enter your six-digit UPI PIN on the next screen and confirm by re-entering it.
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It’s done! Your UPI PIN has been reset. You can now use a new PIN to make transactions on UPI Apps.

how to change upi pin in phonepe

  • Step1 Open Phonepe App, and click on My money option.
  • Step2 Select the Bank Accounts option, and then choose the bank for whom you have forgotten your UPI PIN.
  • Step3 To reset your UPI PIN , tap on reset
  • Step4: Enter your last 6 digits of debit card number and expiry date and tap on Continue button.
  • Step5 To set your UPI pin, enter your new code.

How do I fix the forgot upi pin in Google Pay App?

  • Step1: Once you open the Google Pay App on your phone, tap on your name to open the profile settings.
  • Step2 Next, select Bank account from the drop-down menu.
  • Step3 Choose the bank account for which you wish to reset your upi pin.
  • Step4 Below the bank name you will see the Forgot your UPI PIN? tap it.
  • Step5: Enter your last 6 digits of debit card number and expiry date and tap on Continue button.
  • Step6 To set your UPI pin, enter the new code.

Summary –

If you forget your UPI PIN, we have shown you how to reset it. In case you forget your UPI pin for any bank linked to this app, you will find out how to reset it in BHIM, PhonePe aGoogleglePay.

If you are having trouble resetting your UPI PIN please let us know in the comments section below.

Unified Payments Interface

Unified Payments Interface is a system that enables multiple bank accounts to be integrated into one mobile application. It allows for seamless fund routing, seamless banking features and merchant payments all in one place. It can also accommodate “Peer to Peer”, which is a collect request that can be scheduled and paid according to your convenience and requirements.

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Keeping this in mind, NPCI held a pilot launch together with 21 member banks. The pilot launch took place on 11 April 2016 at 11.15 am by Dr Raghuram G Rajan (Governor, RBI Mumbai). Since 25 August 2016, banks have been uploading their UPI-enabled apps to the Google Play Store.

What makes it so unique?

  • Instant money transfer via mobile device 24*7 and 365 day.
  • Access to multiple bank accounts via a single mobile app
  • Single Click 2 Factor Authentication- This is aligned with the Regulatory guidelines and yet allows for a strong feature of seamless single click payments.
  • For Pull & Push, the virtual address of the customer provides incremental security. The customer does not need to enter details such as card number, account number; IFSC etc.
  • Bill sharing with friends
  • The best solution to cash on delivery hassle is to run to an ATM or to exact the amount.
  • Merchant Payment with In-App or Single Application Payments
  • Utility Bill Payments, Over the Counter payments, Barcode (Scan & Pay) based payments
  • Donations, Collections, and Disbursements – Scalable
  • Mobile App allows you to raise a complaint.

Participants in UPI

  • Payer PSP
  • Payee PSP
  • Remitter Bank
  • Bank Beneficiary
  • NPCI
  • Bank Account Holders
  • Merchants

UPI – Benefits for Ecosystem Participants

Banks get the following benefits:

  • Single click Two Factor authentication
  • Universal Application for Transaction
  • Utilize existing infrastructure
  • More secure, innovative and reliable
  • Payment basis Single/ Unique Identifier
  • Facilitate seamless merchant transactions

End customers get the following benefits:

  • Available 24 hours a day
  • Single Application for accessing different bank accounts
  • Virtual ID is safer and requires no credential sharing
  • Single click authentication
  • Mobile App allows you to raise a complaint directly
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Benefits for merchants:

  • Single identifier for seamless fund collection from customers
  • There is no risk in storing customers’ virtual addresses like in Cards
  • Customers without credit/debit cards are eligible to tap
  • Suitable for eCom & mCom transactions
  • Problem solved with COD collection
  • One click 2FA to the customer – seamless pull
  • In-App Payments (IAP)


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