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Below are apps you can use to purchase any cryptocurrency currency. You can get these apps from the Playstore. To find out more, please read the full article.You can buy any currency from these apps either it may be bitcoin, dogecoin ,etherum….etc. We prefer to buy from WAZIRX, it gives more control like schedule sale and buy. WazirX work on autopilot for you, buy and sell coin according to you.

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Meme-based virtual currency Dogecoin has recently emerged as one of the favourites on social media following the tweets of Tesla and SpaceX chief executive Elon MuskYou can find it here. Dogecoin launched in 2013 by Jackson Palmer and software engineers Billy Markus.
Musk shared recently a fake cover of ‘Doge Magazine’, which caused a spike in meme currency prices. Musk had tweeted earlier that Dogecoin was the “people’s currency”. cryptoThe cryptocurrency’s price soared by 75 percent.

How to Buy Dogecoin
* Potential buyers of Dogecoin in India are required to set up their account on crypto exchanges that support Dogecoin.
* Cryptocurrency exchange platforms provide the most convenient ways to buy Dogecoin.
* Users should have a few applications that they can use for buying Dogecoins like WazirX, BuyUcoin, and CoinSwitch.
* In India, you can buy Dogecoin through credit or debit card, or other e-wallets
* To mine Dogecoin, one should have Windows, Mac, or Linux on their PC.
* For those who want to buy Dogecoin in small quantities, faucets — websites that dole out free cryptocurrency to visitors — can be a good option.
* On these websites, one can earn Dogecoins every 3 hours (or so) just by clicking a button and completing a captcha code.
* If you are an advanced user and have a powerful computer setup, you can process other Dogecoin transactions and get these coins as payments

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