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The largest Indian bank is State Bank of India. SBI offers many online services to customers, allowing them to manage their accounts easily. Transfer money online via Internet banking is one example of such a service. You must first add a beneficiary to transfer money via NEFT or IMPS. This post will show you how to add beneficiary online with SBI Yono Lite and Internet banking. Guide also provides information on the cooling period and how to transfer money while retaining the beneficiary.

In this blog you are learning about how to add beneficiary in sbi, freedom app sbi beneficiary activation, how to approve beneficiary in sbi atm, how to add beneficiary in sbi online.. You got all information in this blog. This blog is completely explain about how to add beneficiary in sbi , … I hope you all enjoy this post.

You will need to include beneficiary in SBI Online.

  1. SBI Internet banking Username and Password.
  2. SBI profile password.
  3. Beneficiary Account Number, IFSC Number.
  4. Registered Mobile Number with SBI bank account.

how to add beneficiary in sbi online

Two methods are available to add beneficiary to a state bank of India Bank

  1. Via SBI internet banking
  2. Using Yono App

Each method will be described in detail.

Method 1 – how to add beneficiary in sbi online via Internet Banking?

  1. Open the SBI internet banking website on your computer/smartphone –
  2. Click hereContinue to LoginClick here
  3. Enter your SBI Username & Password. Enter the CAPTCHA code, and then click on the Login Button.
  4. Click on the button to go to the next page.Transfer of fundsOption.
  5. Click on the button below to continueAdd & Manage beneficiaryOption.
  6. To access the secure option, you will need to enter your SBI profile password. Your profile password will be different than your internet banking password. This guide will help you reset your profile password if it is lost or forgotten.How to reset SBI Profile password?
  7. Select the category in which you wish to add beneficiaries from the new page. Select the “Add Beneficiary” option if the Beneficiary is a SBI account holder.SBI BeneficiarySelect the ” option. If the beneficiary has another bank account, then choose the “Other bank beneficiaries
  8. Click on the link to go to the next pageAddEnter the BEneficiary details such as Name, Account number and Transfer limit.
  9. Accept the Terms and Conditions and click onSubmitClick here
  10. Next, verify that all details have been entered correctly. Click on the button to continue.ConfirmThe button.
  11. You will need to approve Third-party beneficiaries on the next page. Click hereGet Approved NowOption at the bottom of your form
  12. Enter the Profile Password again, and then click on the “Approve Beneficiary
  13. Select the approval method. Select the “ATM Use“, “Approve by OTP” The ATM method will approve beneficiary immediately, while the OTP method may take some time.
  14. We will choose an Online method that is “Always On” for now.OTP Approval“.
  15. Next, select the account number. You will receive an OTP on the registered mobile number via account to approve and enter otp
  16. Enter the OTP and click “OK”.ApproveClick here
  17. Now, beneficiary addition is possible. The beneficiary will be activated in 4 hours if you approve a beneficiary between 6 and 9 PM. And if you have approved a beneficiary after 9 PM then the beneficiary will be activated after 8 AM the next day.beneficiary approved
  18. The beneficiary activation status can be viewed under the“View”Section.
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What is the time required to add beneficiary to sbi Time for activating a beneficiary in the SBI

It can take some time to add a beneficiary at the SBI bank. In general, you can add the beneficiary to the SBI bank within 30 minutes. You will receive a confirmation message via SMS on your mobile phone.

SBI has provided a time period and the time required for each time period.

  1. Between6 AM to 9 Pm– The beneficiary will activateWithin 4 hoursThe same day.
  2. Approval of BeneficiaryAfter 9 PM– The beneficiary will activateAfter 8 AMThe next day.
  3. Approval by the BeneficiaryATM(IRATA Method). – The beneficiary will be activatedInstantly.

An SMS will be sent to your mobile phone confirming successful beneficiary activation.

How to instantly add beneficiary to SBI using ATM: SBIIRATA method – No cooling periods, instant activation

  1. Click on IRATA to approve the SBI beneficiary after you have added the beneficiary details.
  2. You will find a link to the next page.Refer to number 10 digits. This reference number should be noted.
  3. Now go to the nearest SBI ATM, and insert your ATM Card.
  4. Next, enter the PIN for your Debit card and choose the“Services”Option from the menu
  5. Select the desired option from the new screen“Others”Select the “Internet banking Request Approval
  6. Enter the 10-digit reference number you received in step 2.
  7. After the number has been confirmed, the beneficiary can be approved immediately.

how to add beneficiary in sbi using Yono App Lite?

The same process can be used to add beneficiaries in SBI with Yono Lite.

  1. Enter your Easy PIN or Internet Banking login details to log in to the SBI Yono Lite app
  2. Tap on the “Funds transfer
  3. Tap on “Available in the following page” from the next page.Add/Manage Beneficiary
  4. Use the “Profile password“Tap on”SubmitClick here
  5. Bow choose type of account, such as SBI account (or third party account).
  6. For third-party accounts, enter the beneficiary name, account number, and IFSC code.enter beneficiary details in yono lite app
  7. Enter the OTP you received on your mobile phone and tap onSubmitClick here
  8. You will now need to approve the account by using either the OTP or ATM method.
  9. You can transfer up to 5,00, using the OTP method. in the first four days of beneficiary activation.beneficiary added using yono lite app
  10. ATM method is an instant activation process. You will receive a 10-digit reference number that you must enter into the ATM machine in order to approve the beneficiary.
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How do I transfer money from SBI to another beneficiary without adding a beneficiary?

If you add a beneficiary after 9 pm, SBI will keep you waiting for the money until 4 hours or until the next day. If you have an urgent need to send money, you can transfer it without adding a beneficiary. However, the limit for Quick Transfer is only 25,000 rupees

  1. Login to SBI Internet Banking and click the “Funds transfer
  2. Select the “Quick TransferChoose ” from the list of options shown on the screen.
  3. Enter the beneficiary account number and the Payment option on the next pageSBIOrOther Bank TransferThe purpose, amount, and date of the transfer.
  4. You can also choose the transfer modeNEFTOrIMPS.
  5. Accept the Terms and Conditions at the bottom and click the Submit button.
  6. Next, verify that all details have been entered correctly. Click on the button to continue.ConfirmClick here
  7. Enter the OPT you received on your phone.
  8. Once the transfer is complete, the money will be transferred to the account of the receiver.

You can transfer money from your SBI account in other ways without adding a beneficiary. This guide will provide more information. All methods to transfer money from SBI account without adding beneficiary.


Online, you can add beneficiary to SBI in less than 5 minutes. SBI will take around 30 minutes to activate the beneficiary. To add beneficiaries on the move, you can use SBI Yono Lite and SBI Yono apps on your smartphone.

Hope you got a lot to know about how to add beneficiary in sbi . We have tried to give you information about how to add beneficiary in sbi, freedom app sbi beneficiary activation, how to approve beneficiary in sbi atm, how to add beneficiary in sbi online from here. Along with this, we have told about how to add beneficiary in sbi , If you still have any question in your mind about how to add beneficiary in sbi then you can ask us by commenting in the comment box below.

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