How I Made $340,000 Writing Online At Age 18.

I started writing online in 2022, and it has been almost 1.5 years. So far, I have made $340,000 writing online for 2–4 hours a day at the age of 18.

If you want to make money online writing online 2–4 hours a day part-time without quitting your job, then this is for you…

Here are my simple 6 steps to becoming a profitable part-time writer in the next 6–12 months, even if you have $0 in your bank account.

Why You Should Start Writing Too

We are living in, “The Internet Era,” everything belongs to writing, and you can say that —

“Writing is the foundation of social media”

Every single form of content’s first step is writing, like the script of a video, podcast, blog, tweet, and so on. Everything starts with proper writing.

And this is the right time for you to master the most valuable thing: “Writing.”

Write What You Love

Think about what topic you talk for years if money isn’t the issue.

You can find the topic you love by analyzing yourself.

List down the topics you love consuming by these metrics:

Your YouTube Watch History

The Podcasts You Listen

List Down All Social Media Creators You Follow

Books You Love Reading

Now you know the topic you are passionate about.

Brainstorm The Ideas

Before starting this step, I want you to remember this:

“Every Creator Is Once A Consumer”

This phase is all about learning deeply about the topic you love talking and sharing…

“Learn It, Do It And Share It”

Don’t worry about the article ideas; the best article ideas are sharing your journey, your life story, your achievements…

This way, you never run out of content ideas. At a certain point, you automatically start getting ideas.

Write Your First Article

Writing is not hard when you start; thinking all day about what to write is the hard part.

So I want you to stop thinking, go to your favorite creator’s account, and pick the viral content you enjoy reading or watching…

Spend your time and write the same to the same and hit publish. This step is only to kill your fear of publishing…

My first article was just a copy of a YouTube. At that point, I didn’t know how to write, so I just copied the script of that video and published it.

Although it only got 2 views, But the feeling after publishing it was seriously amazing.

Choose The Right Platform

I Choose Medium & Master It

Choosing the right platform is the most important part.

Here Is the platforms to publish your writing and building audience.

Medium — Building Real Audience, Write Anything Topic You Love

Substack — Building Close Audience, Writing Long-form Content

Twitter/LinkedIn — Building Like-Minded Audience, Writing Mini-Blog

Be The Top 1%

Building your writing skills, it takes time, effort and energy.

Practice don’t make you perfect but –

“The Perfect Practice Makes You Perfect”

Analyze your articles, form you own writing style and build a habit of at least writing 2 hours a day.

Learn From Your Success, Failure and Mistakes.

“Learning Always Increase Your Knowledge & Earnings”

Don’t make this mistake that every creator do.

Never Treat Your Followers As A Number, Treat Them Like A Best Friend.

“Follower Leave You, But Friends Never”

Develop The System

Building the system is necessary.

“Note It, Test It And Repeat It”

Write & Publish without worrying about views and money.

Note all the metrics of your articles and test it again and again and see what works, what not and once you find that, build the system according to it.

And Then All you need to do is to repeat again and again and again…

So Are you still thinking writing online and making money online is Rocket-Science???

I will end this article here but remember –

“Do Whatever It Takes And You Get Whatever You Want”

Last thing — “The Revolution” series starts on 20th Aug 2023, so if you want to join it and build $3k-$5k monthly income online for 100% free.

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