House Rent Receipt PDF

House Rent Receipt PDF

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House Rent Receipt

A rent receipt is an important document which you can use to keep track of rental payments tenants have made to landlords. A rental receipt serves as proof that the tenant gave his due payment to his landlord as part of his obligation in the rental agreement.

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Economic Rent

What Is Economic Rent?

Economic rent refers to money that is earned at a higher level than what is socially or economically necessary. This could happen, for instance, when a buyer trying to obtain a product or service that is exclusive makes an offer before the seller has determined an acceptable price. This is because market imperfections lead to economic rents. If markets were perfect, prices would fall due to competitive pressures.


  • Economic rent refers to money that is earned beyond what is economically or socially required.
  • Economic rent is usually caused by market inefficiencies and information asymmetries.
  • Economic rent is generally considered unearned.
  • Economic rents may appear in many contexts, including real estate and labor markets.
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What is Economic Rent?

Understanding Economic Rent

It is important to not confuse economic rents with the normal profits and surpluses that are generated in competitive capitalist production. This term also differs from the traditional use of the word “rent,” which applies to payments received in exchange for the temporary use of a particular good or property, such as land or housing.

Economic rents may also be possible when producers in a market are able to acquire asymmetric information or other technologically advanced production systems that provide them with a competitive advantage.

If a wheat farmer somehow has access to a free and unlimited supply of water while his competitors do not, they would be able to extract economic rents by selling their product at the prevailing market price. As a result, economic rents are considered to be unearned.

Economic rent can arise from conditions of scarcity and can be used to demonstrate numerous pricing discrepancies. These can include higher wages for unionized workers than nonunionized workers or high salaries earned by an athlete rather than an average worker.

Economic rent is also explained by the high value of intangible assets such as patents or permits. These are often referred to as scarcity rents.

Economic Rent and Labor

A worker may be willing to work for $15 per hour, but because they belong to a union, they receive $18 per hour for the same job. The worker’s economic rent is $3, also known as unearned income.

Unearned income is the amount that an employee is offered above the value of their skills and abilities in the current market. This can also be applied when someone’s skills are less valued in an open marketplace, but they get more because of affiliation with a group such as a union that sets minimum standards for pay.

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Economic Rent and Facilities

Another example is that a mall owner may be willing to rent the property out for $10,000 per monthly, but a company looking to open a storefront in the mall might offer $12,000 per month to lease the property. This will secure the property and prevent competition. In this instance, the owner’s economic rent is $2,000

This can also be used to refer to situations in which two properties have identical features, but differing in their location. The owner of the preferred location gets a higher amount without having to do additional work if one location is preferred. Unearned income can also be earned if the owner does not perform additional labor.

Other Economic Rents

Information asymmetries are another form of economic rent. This is where an agent makes extra profits by not providing information to the principal or the rest.

Contract Rent

Contract rent is when two parties reach an agreement but external conditions change, giving one party an unequal benefit, usually at the expense the other.

Monopoly Rent

Monopoly rent refers to the situation wherein a monopoly producer lacks competition and thus can sell its goods and services at a price far above what the otherwise competitive market price would be; at the expense of consumers.

Rent at a Different Price

Differential rent is the extra profit that can be derived from differences in fertility. The differential rent is the surplus that results from the difference in marginal and intramarginal soil. It is usually earned under extensive land cultivation. Differential ground rent was first proposed by the classical political economist David Ricardo.

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