Hindi Numbers Counting –हिंदी में गिनती सीखें (0 से 100)| Hindi Sankhya

Hey buddies, numbers are just mathematical objects. These can be used to count on everything. However, numbers can be written and spoken in different languages.

While so many of the people are known with Language numbers, they are not familiar with Hindi numbers. This is because Hindi numbers can be confusing. This article is also for those of this type.

Our country India is the only country most Hindi numbers. However, there are some people who do not understand Hindi numbers and know a lot about Language numbers.

Counting of numbers in Hindi ko Hindi Sankhya Ginti (हिंदी संख्या गिनती) kahthe hai.

Here You will learn Hindi and English numbers 1 through 100. (Hindi Sankhya Ginti – हिंदी संख्या गिनती). So without wasting any moment let’s jump into our main topic-

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1-100 Hindi Numbers Counting (हिंदी संख्या की गिनती)

Hindi numbers can be difficult to remember at first, but once you have mastered a few of the routines, it becomes easy. Here is a handy table listing Hindi numbers from 1 through 100.

hindi numbers | numbers in hindi

Some hints for you

1. we have some ending like “ah” (11-18), “is” (19 – 38s) and etc.

2. In many the prefixes remain same like “cha” in 14, 24, 34, 44, 54 and etc.

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Hindi Numbers Counting From 31 To 40 | Hindi Numbers Counting From 41 To 50 | Hindi Numbers Counting From 51 to 53

Hindi Numbers Counting From 54 To 60 | Hindi Numbers Counting From 61 To 70 | Hindi Numbers Counting From 71 to 80

Hindi Numbers Counting From 81 To 90 | Hindi Numbers Counting From 91 To 100

Hindi Numbers Counting As Serial Number

You will know English numbers if you are familiar with them. But are you familiar with how these numbers are referred to in Hindi? This number can also be used as a serial number. Let’s find out what their Hindi meaning is.

Higher Hindi Numbers Counting (हायर हिंदी नंबर काउंटिंग)

Some More Special Hindi Numbers

What is Aadha (आधा) in Hindi ?

Aadha (आधा) is 1/2 (0.5). According to time, it is 15 minutes more. For eg. (उदाहरण) As :

Sawa 1 = 1.25

Sawa 4 = 4.25.

For time : Sawa 1 = 1:15

Sawa 6 = 6:15

What is Paune (पौने) in Hindi ?

Paune (पौने) is 1/4th less in a Number /15 minutes less in Time. (एक संख्या में 1/4 वाँ कम / समय में 15 मिनट कम)
Example (उदाहरण) :
For Number: Paune 2 = 1.75; Paune 10 = 9.75
For Time: Paune 2 = 1:45; Paune 10 = 9.45

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What is Sawa (सवा) in Hindi ?

Sawa (सवा) is 1/4th more in a Number / 15 minutes more in Time. (एक संख्या में १/४वां और समय में १५ मिनट अधिक।)
Example (उदाहरण) :
For Number: Sawa 2 = 2.25; Sawa 5 = 5.25
For Time: Sawa 2 = 2:15; Sawa 5 = 5:15

What is Dedh (डेढ़) in Hindi ?

Dedh (डेढ़) is half more than 1 or 30minutes more than 1 in Time.
For Number: Dedh = 1.5 (fixed number).
For Time: Dedh = 1:30 (fixed number).

What is Dhai (ढाई) in Hindi ?

Dhai (ढाई) is half more than 2 or 30minutes more than 2 in Time.
For Number: Dhai = 2.5 ( fixed number).
For Time: Dhai = 2:30 ( fixed number).

What is Sadhe (साढ़े) in Hindi ?

Sadhe (साढ़े) is (1/2) more than any number (number must be three or more) or 30minutes more than any time (time must be three or more).
For Number: Sadhe 3 = 3.5; Sadhe 7 = 7.5
For Time: Sadhe 3 = 3:30; Sadhe 7 = 7:30

What is Paav (पाव) in Hindi ?

Paav (पाव) is 1/4 (0.25) of unit.
Ek paav Aalu dijiye.
Please give quarter kg of potato.


Buddies, I hope you now have all the knowledge and understanding that I given. Hindi numbers (hindi sankhya ginti). We saw English and Hindi numbers from 0 through 100 with there roman numbers as well. We also learned about higher hindi numbers, and a special hindi number with there hindi and english names.

counting in hindi | hindi number | hindi counting

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