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Indian company, The Himalaya Drug Company, was founded by Muhammad Manal in Bengaluru (Karnataka), India in 1930. It manufactures health care products under the brand Himalaya Herbal Healthcare, which includes ayurvedic components.

You can download the Himalaya All Products List and Price in pdf format, or you can check all herbal products online via direct link.

M Manal, founder Himnalaya Drugs, Naqi Ahmad Nadwi

On messaging platform WhatsApp, a message was circulated that stated that Muhammad Manal, the owner of Himalaya Drug Company, posted an anti-Indian message on his Facebook profile. The video shows a man encouraging Muslim youth to see India as a positive place.False info that the video is from founder of Himalaya Drug Company

In 1930, Muhammed Manal established the Himalayan Drug Company. The headquarters of the company are in Bengaluru (Karnataka). It produces mainly health care products, with many products that are based on Ayurvedic herbs. The company’s products are well-received not only in India, but also in the United States, Middle East, and elsewhere in the world. The company currently sells its products in more than 106 countries. Liv 52 is the most well-known Himalayan product. It improved liver health and was first introduced in 1955.

If the message is true, Muhammad Manal is the founder and owner of Himalayan Drug Company. Given that the company was established in 1930, it would make sense for the younger person in this video to be at least 100 years old. The fact is that Mr Manal died in 1986 so the person in this video cannot be him.

Himalaya posted a message to its social media accounts on 14 October stating that fake posts and WhatsApp forwards were being made about Himalaya. It stated that the company is professionally managed and has integrity. The company advised that anyone who posted or forward the fake post must remove it immediately or they will pursue legal action.

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This isn’t the first time that the Himalaya Drug Co is dealing with such an issue. Similar messages circulated via WhatsApp and social media in March 2020. Many posts alleging that Himalaya Drug Company funds terrorists were flooding the social media platform with the photo of Philipe Haydon (President and CEO of Himalaya Drug Company). The post mentioned that M. Manal, the founder of Himalaya Drug Company was shown in the photo.

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The company also posted a clarification message at that time, stating that all posts about Himalaya on social networks are fake. The company further stated that Himalaya Drug Company was a pre-Independence wellness brand “Made In India”, which follows the religion “healing”.

A little bit of research on the company’s site revealed that M. Manal is not the person shown in the video. In fact, the founder passed away in 1986, around 35 years ago. We set out to discover who the person is in the video. We were able to find several social media accounts that were run by Naqi Ahmed Nadwi, a Saudi Arabian citizen, after a little bit of research with Google’s reverse-image search. Although there was a link to his Facebook page, there was no information about him. The default parking page was all that it had. It was registered in May of this year.

His Facebook page was created on 22nd August 2020. His posts often state that Islam is supreme and Islamia Ummah should be the ruler of the world.

After Ram Mandir Bhoomi Pujan, August 2020, the founder of Himalaya Drug Company posted the video on his Facebook page.

Two Twitter accounts were found with the same name, and identical photos. The first was created in 2014 and the second was created in 2020.

His old Twitter account stated that his current location is Delhi, India. His new account shows his current location in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). He is currently working as an administrator in the Saudi Arabian Mining Company – Ma’aden.

He has a Youtube channel as well that was created in December 2019. He made false statements regarding NRC, CAA, and other issues in his first videos. He also posted a video supporting Sharjeel Imam, Dr. Kafeel, and other Muslims arrested in connection with anti-CAA protests.

Himalaya Drug Company was founded in seventies to expand its market reach beyond India. It focuses on scientific research to prove the safety and efficacy and effectiveness of its herbal products.

This is the year 1975, which was almost 40 years ago. Himalaya moved its headquarters from Mumbai (then Bombay), India’s commercial capital, to a remote outpost in Bangalore. Bangalore is known for its greenery, weather, and beautiful surroundings.

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However, this decision changed the direction of the company. This plot of land in Bangalore is now Himalaya’s sprawling 28-acre campus. It houses a EU-GMP-certified manufacturing plant, 80,000 square feet R&D, and a lush green organic vegetable garden. It also serves as the headquarters of the company’s India operations.

There was a lot of heartache involved in the move to Bangalore. Mohammed Manal, the founder of Himalaya had founded the company in Dehradun in 1930 with the mission to modernize Ayurveda using modern scientific research. He had no formal training in science, but he was passionate about nature and an unwavering belief in herbal healthcare. He was also convinced that herbal medicine must be validated with empirical evidence if it is to be taken seriously.

This was a profound thought. Despite the belief in herbal goodness, the 1930s saw the rise of Western education. This meant that critical thinking was important and many traditional beliefs and ideologies were being challenged. Manal was a pioneer in scientific research to show safety and efficacy for Himalayan products. There were only a few brands at that time.

In 1955, the company introduced Liv.52, which was a hepatoprotective. It quickly became its flagship brand. Today, Liv.52, with its over Rs 250 crore revenues and position as the top-selling herbal medicine in India, is still the crown jewel of the pharmaceutical portfolio.

Himalaya moved to Bombay during the 1950s. There was all the action. Meraj Manal, the son of our founder, said that he wanted to relocate the business to Bangalore. It didn’t go down well. He sold his Mumbai flat to finance the move and built a unit in Bangalore.

Himalaya was able to use the Bangalore facility as a base for developing high-quality products. It was the first Indian herbal manufacturing unit to receive a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification. Himalaya was able to produce more tablets per hour and standardised the manufacturing process which made it more acceptable by modern medicine doctors. The facility also allowed Himalaya to expand its overseas operations, something Meraj Manal had always hoped for.

Himalaya was in a difficult and good time in 1975. It was an inflection point. After moving to Bangalore, we made the decision to move to the United States, which is the largest and most competitive market in the world. It seemed bolder than it was prudent at the time. We now know that these were pivotal moments in the history of our company. We are now present in 91 countries, and global revenues will make up 50% of our business by 2020.

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Himalaya was a baptism by fire when it entered the US market. The team also found it a learning experience. Back then, no one had any idea about India. We had to be more creative and harder in order to survive in a market such as the US.

Meraj Manal travelled to the USA to study the market and pay close attention to safety and quality standards. He encouraged the R&D team members to create products that conformed to US regulations. This increased compliance and helped Himalaya India present its products to doctors in India. Himalayans were more accustomed to the mantra of quality safety efficacy, which gave them a competitive edge.

The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) was established by the US FDA in 1994. It allowed herbal products that met the requirements of the new regulations to be sold as dietary supplements in the US. Himalaya had a range therapeutic products that were branded the “Care” range.

Meraj Manal started out in a garage above his garage. He used it as an office and proofread every label. Himalaya began selling dietary supplements in America in 1996, two years after DSHEA was passed.

The US was followed by Russia, West Asia, APAC, and Europe. Himalaya’s therapeutic range has been registered in many countries as herbal drugs and medicines. Modern medicine doctors swear by the safety of the products. This is not only in India where more than 400,000 doctors are served by the company, but also in countries such as Russia, Malaysia, and Singapore where Ayurveda has not been widely adopted.

It was also a great place to learn about future product development. The idea was to extend the product range beyond pharmaceuticals, and to explore personal care products that were developed during this period. Himalayan scientists started to develop personal care products under the brand Ayurvedic concepts, which later became Himalaya Herbals. Personal care is currently responsible for 38% of India’s revenues. Himalaya, despite being relatively new in the personal care market, is a major player in the lip and face care segments. It also has a rapidly growing presence in haircare. It is the country’s largest brand, with a share of over 20% in the facewash category.

It is amazing to see how everything fits together. Today, we are a leading herbal wellness brand with more than 250 products and a global reach. Each second, 10 Himalaya products are purchased by customers around the globe. We will always remember 1975 as a special year, despite many wonderful moments along the way.

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