Heterosexual Meaning In Hindi

heterosexual – Meaning in Hindi


  • इतरलिंगी
  • विषमलिंगकामी
  • इतरलिंगकामी
  • विपरीत लिंग कामी
  • हेटेरोसेक्सयल

heterosexual Word Forms & Inflections

heterosexuals (noun plural)

Definitions and Meaning of heterosexual in English

heterosexual adjective

  1. sexually attracted to members of the opposite sex इतरलिंगी, इतरलिंगीय, विषमलिंगी, विषमलिंगीय



  1. a person having a sexual orientation to persons of the opposite sexSynonymsheterosexual person, straight person, straight

Synonyms of heterosexual

  • heterosexual person, straight, straight person

Antonyms of heterosexual

bisexual, homosexual

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