Full Form Of SI

SI – Sub Inspector

SI stands forSub InspectorIt is a rank in the Police force of India. It is a rank within the Police force of India. SI is usually in command of a station of police and ranks above an assistant sub-inspector (ASI). TheInsigniaSI stands for two stars and a red-and-blue striped ribbon at each end of the shoulder straps.

A SI is theIn-charge of a Police StationHe or she is responsible for managing the police station in the area where they are posted, as well as for maintaining law and order within his jurisdiction. Both Indian state and police laws mention the duties of SIs.

Sub-inspectors are lower-ranking police officers who can file a court charge sheet and are often the first investigating officer. SI is authorized to investigate any case that falls under his jurisdiction. He cannot however investigate cases that are under the jurisdiction of his police station. He serves as a link between the higher-ranking police officers and the constabulary below.

How to become a Sub-Inspector of Police

Candidate must have graduated from an Indian university. Graduate candidates must appear for and pass the SI exam that is held by theStaff Selection Commission.

First, the candidates must pass thePhysical Endurance TestAfter that, they are eligible forwritten examinationAfter passing the written exam, you will be required to attend the interview and go through a medical examination.

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When a Sub Inspector (S.I.) is assigned as an Office-in-Charge, (O.C.),

the following are the powers of that Sub Inspector (S.I.)

  1. Any unauthorised gathering of five or more people that could disturb the public peace
  2. Any person arrested under section 41 or 42 Cr. P.C.
  3. To investigate any cognizable offense without the Magistrate’s orders and to arrest anyone involved in a cognizable criminal under Section 154 or 156, 41 (1a), Cr. P.C.
  4. Section 165 Cr. allows you to search any house or property during an investigation into a cognizable offense. P.C.
  5. Power to stop execution of any cognizable offense and to arrest anyone related to it under Sections 149,151 Cr. P.C.

When a S.I is posted as Officer in Charge of a Police Station

  1. To ensure that the staff under his or her supervision is effective in managing them.
  2. Keep the peace, and prevent and detect crime
  3. Maintain the records and registers at the police station that falls under his jurisdiction
  4. Collect and share inputs regarding all matters related to public wellbeing

Other SI Full Form

SIsource indexGovernment
SIsensitivity indexBritish Medicine
SIStanding InstructionBanking
SISpecial InvestigatorJob Title
SISustainable InnovationsOrganization
SISarekat IslamMisc
SIScientific InstrumentNASA
SIsystem integratorsGovernment
SISpecial IntelligenceMilitary
SIThe International System of UnitsMaths
SISignaling IntelligenceComputer and Networking
SIsafety inspectionGovernment
SIShekel IsraelOrganization
SISolidarity IncorporatedOrganization
SISolar InertialSpace Science
SISomething InFood
SISinghaleseRegional 2 Letter LanguageCode
SISignal IntegrityElectronics
SIsocial interactionBritish Medicine
SIInternational Systems of Units (isu Preferred)Space Science
SISoroptimist InternationalOrganization
SISinergia Inc.Organization
SISawa InternationalOrganization
SIServicio de InvestigaciónSpanish
SIUnion Pacific Railroad CompanyRegional Railroad
SISanctioned IndividualSports
SISimply IrresistibleInternet Slang
SISystème International D’unités (international System of Units)Maths
SISports InjectionSports
SISigned IntegerComputer Assembly Language
SIShree InitiativesOrganization
SIseriously illGovernment
SIShelter, Inc.Organization
SISirenian InternationalOrganization
SISanatorio InternacionalMedical
SISports InjectedSports
SIShift InComputing
SISandwich IslandsCountries
SISelf chec Inc.Organization
SISanatorio IsraelMedical
SISport InfluencedSports
SISchooner, IncOrganization
SISundance InstituteOrganization
SIKennedy Space Center Support Operations DirectorateSpace Science
SIsensitive intelligenceGovernment
SIstress incontinenceBritish Medicine
SIspecial instructionsGovernment
SISparks InternationalOrganization
SISystem IntegratorBusiness
SISmithsonian InstitutionOcean Science
SISurvivors InternationalOrganization
SISaturation IndexChemistry
SIStaten IslandLocal State
SISolace InternationalOrganization
SISlow ImportNetworking
SISelectable InterfaceNetworking
SIInformation SystemsGovernment
SIStockmarket IndicesStock Exchange
SISports InformationSports
SIStability IndexChemistry
SIStagewright Inc.Organization
SISelectivity IndexPhysics Related
SISpecial InterestMilitary
SISilly IInternet Slang
SIsecurity intelligenceGovernment
SISonoran InstitutOrganization
SIspinal injuryBritish Medicine
SIStand InMedia
SISanatorio IndependenciaMedical
SIseriously injuredGovernment
SISpital InterlakenMedical
SISpecial InvestigationsLaw
SISystem IntegrationMilitary
SISystème InternationalOther
SISiberian IslandsCountry Specific
SISangharsh IndiaOrganization
SISelf InjuryPhysiology
SISoftimage GraphicsFile Type
SISystem InternationalUnit of Measurement
SIskill identifierGovernment
SIspark ignitionGovernment
SIshipping instructionGovernment
SISlight InclusionPhysics Related
SIsexual intercourseBritish Medicine
SISysteme InternationalMathematics
SIsilverBritish Medicine
SISas InstituteAcedemic & Science
SISupplemental InstructionUS Government
SISocket InterfaceComputer Hardware
SISeedcorn Inc.Organization
SISide ImpactTransportation
SIspecial item code, 19Government
SIsuicidal ideationBritish Medicine
SIInternational SystemTransportation
SISlow and IgnorantFunny
SISysteme InternationaleOther
SISharethecaregiving Inc.Organization
SIInternational System of UnitsOcean Science
SIsystem information,Government
SIUnited States Strategic Command Strategic InstructionMilitary and Defence
SISONALLIIndian Railway Station
SIserum ironBritish Medicine
SISports IllustratedMedia
SISupport InstallationMilitary and Defence
SIStill ImageComputer and Networking
SIShared InterestOrganization
SISmithsonian InstituteUS Government
SISelf InflictedPhysiology
SISilver InningsOrganization
SISalt InstituteOrganization
SISmall InterfaceComputer Hardware
SIselective identification,Government
SIShare InternationalOrganization
SISub-Inspector of PoliceIndian Police Rank
SISalama InternationalOrganization
SISwedish InstituteOrganization

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