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(i) ( isi full form ) Indian Standards Institute

isi full form stands Indian Standards Institute. It was created to establish standards for orderly industrial growth and quality control in industrial production. It issues an ISI Mark, which is a certification mark in India for industrial products. It is the most recognized and well-known certification mark in India. This certification mark guarantees that the product meets Indian Standard Institute standards.

The ISI was founded on January 6, 1947. Dr. Lal C. Verman, the first Director of ISI, became its first Director in June 1947. The ISI today is known as BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards). It sets the standards of quality for industrial and consumer goods. It inspects every product to ensure its quality and issues a certification mark. BIS is authorized by law to issue certification. Indian products must be certified by ISI. ISI product certification can be applied for by any manufacturer whose product meets BIS standards.

isi full form

General products marked with ISI

  • LPG Cylinders
  • Equipment for electrical use
  • Drinking water and packaged foods
  • Thermometers
  • Kitchen equipment and appliances
  • Packaged Grocery items etc.

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Abuses of ISI Marks

Many products on the market have fake ISI markings. Many products are sold with fake ISI marks. You must choose carefully the products.

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Features of fake ISI marks

Fake ISI marks do not have to be licensed with the required 7-digit number.

The ISI number is a number that indicates the Indian standard for the product.

(ii) ISI: Inter-Service Intelligence ( isi full form )

isi full form is Inter-Service Intelligence. It is a Pakistani intelligence agency. Its headquarters are in Islamabad (the capital of Pakistan). It is Pakistan’s premier intelligence service. They are responsible for intelligence assessment and national security. Naveed Mokhtar, the current Director-General and head of ISI, is the Chief of Intelligence. International Business Times ranked ISI the number one intelligence agency worldwide in 2011 While there are other civilian and military intelligence agencies in Pakistan, the ISI is the most powerful and politicized.

full form of isi


Two intelligence agencies in Pakistan are established after independence: the IB (Intelligence Bureau), and the MI (Military Intelligence). After the failure of the two previous intelligence agencies, ISI was established in 1948 to gather and share intelligence among the armed forces, including the navy, army, and air force. It was established in 1950 to protect the national security and the interests of Pakistan.

(iii). ISI: Indian Statistical Institute ( isi full form )

ISI stands Indian Statistical Institute. It is located in Kolkata (West Bengal). It also has branches in Tejpur, Tejpur, Chennai, and Delhi. Professor P.C. Mahalanobis founded it in Kolkata on 17 December 1931. The 1959 Act of Parliament gave ISI the status of Institution of National Importance.

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ISI is one the most respected and oldest institutions in the field. It is completely dedicated to the teaching, research and application of statistics, natural sciences, and social sciences. This university offers many courses, including Statistics, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Computer Science. UGC, NAAC, and AIU have approved this university.

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Indian Statistical Institute
isi full form

Here is a list containing the various courses this university offers:

  • Bachelors in Statistics (Honors).
  • Master of Statistics
  • Bachelor of Mathematics (Honors).
  • Master of Mathematics
  • Master of Technology in Computer Science
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.).
Full FormCategoryTerm
Inter-Services IntelligencePakistan GovernmentISI
Indian Standards InstituteIndian OrganizationISI
Indian Statistical InstituteMinistry of Statistics and Programme ImplementationISI
Inter Symbol InterferenceComputer and NetworkingISI
Inter-symbol InterferenceTelecommunicationISI
Ibm Smartcard IdentificationNetworkingISI
Initial State InteractionChemistryISI
Interferometer In-SituChemistryISI
Initial System InstallationSpace ScienceISI
Instrumentation Support InstructionSpace ScienceISI
Instrument/spacecraft InterfaceSpace ScienceISI
IsisfordAirport CodeISI
Skip on Infinity and IncrementComputer Assembly LanguageISI
Illinois Swimming, Inc.SportsISI
Ice Skating InstituteSportsISI
Inter-service IntelligenceMilitary and DefenceISI
Inter Systems Intelligence (pakistan)Military and DefenceISI
Insomnia Screening IndexMilitary and DefenceISI
isi ka full form

ISI – Frequently Asked Question

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